Ron DeSantis made one decision that has the left-wing reporters at MSNBC in a frenzy

Aug 4, 2022

The corporate-controlled media is determined to take down Ron DeSantis.

But DeSantis continues to maintain the upper hand.

And now Ron DeSantis made one decision that has the left-wing reporters at MSNBC in a frenzy.

Outside of Donald Trump, there is no Republican who the Democrats and leftist media hate more than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The left-wing media can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis refuse to cower and run in the face of attacks and smears.

Since DeSantis realizes the Fake News Media’s only goal is to make Republicans look bad, he recently went one step further and completely banned the left-wing press from even attending a Florida GOP event.

The Republican Party of Florida recently held its annual Sunshine Summit – a two-day event funded largely by money Ron DeSantis raised for the state GOP – at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.

For the past seven years, the annual Sunshine Summit is where some of Florida’s most prominent Republicans have gathered to discuss official Party business.

But unlike previous years, Ron DeSantis banned members of the Fake News Media from attending the Sunshine Summit.

“We in the state of Florida are not going to allow legacy media outlets to be involved in our primaries,” DeSantis said in his opening remarks. “I’m not going to have a bunch of left-wing media people asking our candidates gotcha questions.”

As usual, members of the Fake News Media were furious over DeSantis’ decision not to allow them into the Summit.

MSNBC columnist Zeeshan Aleem penned a scathing op-ed where he called the move by DeSantis “dangerous for democracy.”

“The GOP often describes itself as at war with ‘mainstream media,’” Aleem began. “Now it looks like some Republicans are going one step further and shutting out the full media from GOP events altogether,” he continued, before adding that “it’s yet another blow to the increasingly beleaguered notion that citizens across the political spectrum can occupy a shared reality.”

Aleem then outrageously pretended that the Fake News Media had an interest in providing real and accurate news to the American people.

“It’s an unhealthy trend because it makes it far harder for politicians to be held accountable by the media if they only choose to be around outlets that are sympathetic, or outright propagandistic on their behalf,” he wrote.

Of course, DeSantis is smart by keeping the Fake News Media away from Republican Party events.

Like Donald Trump, DeSantis understands that the corporate-controlled media has absolutely zero interest in reporting the real news to the public.

Most Republican officials cower and run at the first sign of attack from the left-wing media.

But Ron DeSantis is willing to stand up and take the fight directly to the media.

And this is one of the reasons why Ron DeSantis is wildly popular with Republican voters.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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