Ron DeSantis made one jaw-dropping prediction about Joe Biden that just came true

Jul 29, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called it.

But at the time, no one heeded his warning.

And Ron DeSantis made one jaw-dropping prediction about Joe Biden that just came true.

Back in May, Governor DeSantis predicted Joe Biden was driving the American economy into a recession.

“When you’re leading, you have to look to see what kind of trouble could come on the horizon,” Governor DeSantis warned.

Citing inflation surged to a 40-year high DeSantis warned that a recession was around the corner at a time when the Biden administration and its corporate media stooges promoted economic happy talk.

“However, you look at what’s going on out of Washington, you look at the inflation that’s absolutely out of control,” DeSantis added that there is “very good chance that the Biden administration plunges this country into a recession.”

On Thursday Americans viewed Governor DeSantis as a prophet.

Economic data showed the economy contracted by 0.9 percent.

These data followed a 1.6 percent decline in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2021.

In a statement Governor DeSantis noted that two straight quarters of shrinking GDP signified a recession.

“U.S. GDP dropped for a second quarter in a row, which is the definition of a recession,” Governor DeSantis began.

Governor DeSantis slammed the Biden administration and the corporate media for trying to play word games and redefine what it meant for the economy to slip into a recession.

“While the Biden Administration and its legacy media cheerleaders are trying to gaslight people about the economic slowdown, we have seen Biden’s poor economic stewardship and the negative impact it has had on families,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis then took aim at a 700-billion-dollar tax and spend boondoggle that will only accelerate America’s economic decline.

“Now, Biden wants to tax and spend even more, which will only make things worse,” DeSantis concluded.

The economic ticking time bomb Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin agreed to will raise taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars and spend hundreds of billions more on the Green New Deal.

Engaging in a spending spree and raising taxes are the last thing any president should do while the country suffers from the grip of an inflation-induced recession.

But Joe Biden does not care because this is his chance to push America one step closer to becoming a socialist nation.

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