Ron DeSantis made one promise about Florida that will leave Democrats in tears

Jan 30, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps racking up wins.

The latest fight DeSantis wants to pick is on one of the Left’s biggest failures.

And Ron DeSantis made one promise about Florida that will leave Democrats in tears.

Florida is gearing up for the new legislative session.

Governor DeSantis proposed a bold conservative agenda.

DeSantis looks to push Constitutional Carry and stronger Pro-Life protections.

In his inaugural address DeSantis declared Florida was where woke goes to die.

DeSantis sought to make good on the promise by ensuring that left-wing prosecutors never turn Florida into their personal playground.

In announcing a new package of legislative proposals DeSantis – who proclaimed Florida a “free state” – announced that Florida would also be the “law and order state.”

“Other states endanger their citizens by making it easier to put criminals back on the street. Here in Florida, we will to continue to support and enact policies to protect our communities and keep Floridians safe,” Governor DeSantis announced. “Florida will remain the law and order state.”’

One reform DeSantis proposed was eliminating unanimous jury verdicts to administer the death penalty.

“One juror should not be able to veto that,” DeSantis told reporters. “I don’t think justice was served.”

DeSantis also pointed to Democrat-run cities where George Soros-backed prosecutors created a revolving door criminal justice system by eliminating cash bail.

Under the proposed reforms, Florida would limit which suspects can be released prior to their first court appearance.

“We have rejected in the state of Florida the idea you get rid of cash bail like they did in New York,” DeSantis explained. “When the policy first went into effect . . . there was a woman that was arrested, released, and re-arrested four times in seven days.”

Other proposals DeSantis announced were life in prison for child rapists and making possessing fentanyl a first-degree felony.

Political insiders believe DeSantis will announce a Presidential campaign following the conclusion of the Florida legislative session.

If DeSantis runs for President and wins the GOP nomination DeSantis wants a compare and contrast with the Democrat nominee on crime that would play to DeSantis’ advantage.

Americans want safe streets and a high quality of life.

Democrats’ support for Black Lives Matter and Antifa is a serious political vulnerability.

And DeSantis passing a strong package of law and order reforms would put Democrats on defense.

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