Ron DeSantis made one promise that has Democrats wetting their pants

Aug 11, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps showing why it’s a bad idea to doubt him.

Democrats continually end up on the wrong side of fights with DeSantis.

And now Ron DeSantis made one promise that has Democrats wetting their pants.

Governor DeSantis is making freedom a central theme of his re-election campaign.

DeSantis’ campaign released a new ad with the tagline “freedom is here to stay.”

The ad elevates DeSantis’ decision to reject Dr. Fauci’s COVID lockdowns and mandates essential to preserving not just freedom in Florida, but in the nation as a whole.

“America has long been the world’s bastion of freedom. Now, Florida is our nation’s hope,” the narrator declares.

The ad describes how DeSantis actually followed the science and the facts to keep schools open, reject mask mandates, and ban vaccine passports in Florida.

“When other states shut people down, Florida lifted people up. We make decisions based on facts, not fear. But some want to take it all away. We cannot stop fighting,” the narrator ads. “This November, let’s show the world freedom is here to stay.”

The national theme of the ad was also inescapable.

DeSantis cast his decision to fight back against Joe Biden’s COVID tyranny as standing up for freedom in America.

In 2021, Florida set a record for a number of visitors due in large part to the fact that Florida kept the state open and did not force anyone to wear masks or show proof of vaccination to take part in the economy.

This ad could easily serve as a 2024 Presidential campaign ad for DeSantis as well as a re-election spot for this November.

Standing up for “freedom” has always been a potent message in American politics.

This ad shows Governor DeSantis appears ready to claim that mantle in both the 2022 and the 2024 elections.

Democrats know they cannot defeat DeSantis and his freedom message in either 2022 or 2024.

And that explains why the corporate-controlled media smears DeSantis with lies and hit pieces so often.

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