Ron DeSantis made one promise that will make Democrats’ brains melt

Feb 10, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps racking up wins.

The latest DeSantis fight is one the Left is dreading.

Ron DeSantis made one promise that will make Democrats’ brains melt.

Americans in 25 states currently live under the freedom of Constitutional Carry.

In states with Constitutional Carry on the books, residents no longer have to obtain a government-issued permit to conceal carry their firearms for self-defense.

These states are safer because criminals don’t know who is packing and because left-wing bureaucrats and gun grabbers are not allowed to invent restrictive schemes to limit where Americans can carry their firearms.

Governor Ron DeSantis promised to sign a Constitutional Carry bill in the coming legislative session, which would make the Second Amendment a first class right in a majority of states in the country.

DeSantis initially promised a Constitutional Carry bill last December after his smashing 19-point re-election win.

In comments to the press, Governor DeSantis said that he always backed the bill, but the hangup was with former Senate President Wilton Simpson and former House Speaker Chris Sprowls, who both did not support Constitutional Carry.

“This was something that I’ve always supported. The last two years it was not necessarily a priority for legislative leadership,” DeSantis stated.

New Florida House Speaker Paul Renne is on board with the legislation, giving DeSantis the ally he needs.

“We’ve been talking about it and he’s pledged publicly that’s moving forward, so that’s something that will be done in the regular session,” DeSantis said, before adding “that puts us in line with the majority of states.”

Since even deep-Blue states like New Hampshire and Vermont have Constitutional Carry laws on the books, any argument by the Left that allowing permitless carry is some kind of wild west extremism falls flat.

“Even states like Vermont and New Hampshire have been able to do that,” DeSantis continued. “So we’ll get that done.”

Ron DeSantis is rising in the 2024 polls because he continually picks fights that conservatives want to have.

And even more importantly, DeSantis wins the fights against the Left.

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