Ron DeSantis pointed out one truth about the Primary that left Donald Trump speechless

Nov 8, 2023

The Republican Presidential Primary is heating up ahead of 2024.

A proxy battle is underway between the two leading GOP contenders.

And Ron DeSantis pointed out one truth about the Primary that left Donald Trump speechless.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump are fighting to pick up endorsements from Republican politicians ahead of the votes being cast in 2024.

DeSantis and Trump took their Primary clash to Florida where both candidates spoke at the state GOP’s Freedom Summit.

The leading Republican contenders jockeyed over endorsements in Florida.

A few Republican state legislators in Florida flipped their endorsement to Trump ahead of the Freedom Summit.

The media tried to create a false narrative that the Florida governor’s support was collapsing in his home state with the news.

The DeSantis campaign pointed out the truth about his dominance among state legislators in Florida.

93 of the 99 Florida legislators who endorsed his campaign in May have stuck with him, which is the overwhelming majority of the GOP caucus in the statehouse.

The endorsement contest lead DeSantis has over Trump extends to early Primary states.

“Ron DeSantis is dominating the field–including the former president–in supportive state legislative endorsements from across the country,” campaign press secretary Bryan Griffin told Florida’s Voice.

“In Iowa, DeSantis holds a historic count of 41 state legislative endorsements, which far surpasses Trump,” Griffin added. “In New Hampshire, DeSantis has over 60 endorsed state legislators–again, more than Trump.”

DeSantis has the backing of the state senate President in Iowa and the Republican majority leader in New Hampshire.

Five state legislators in Florida switched from DeSantis to Trump but that doesn’t change the fact the governor has the backing of most GOP legislators.

“And, in Florida, DeSantis has nearly 100 state legislators endorsing his run for President,” Griffin said. “That, too, is a number that significantly outpaces Trump. This is yet another example of why DeSantis is the only candidate in this race with the message, resources, and organization needed to defeat both Trump and Biden.”

Trump is leading with Congressional endorsements but DeSantis is leading state legislators who are valuable for their role as in-state surrogates ahead of the Primary.

The Florida governor will look to tap into those connections in the early Primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Before the Freedom Summit, the DeSantis campaign reminded everyone that Florida is “DeSantis Country.”

“Reminder: Ron DeSantis won Florida by 20 points – the largest margin of victory in a Florida governor’s race in modern history,” the DeSantis campaign said. “Florida is DeSantis Country.”

Ron DeSantis is building a grassroots campaign with valuable connections at the state level as he looks to overtake Donald Trump.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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