Ron DeSantis proved he’s a fighter when he took one major action against woke Disney

May 12, 2023

The war against woke leftist indoctrination of our children needs leaders.

And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems ready to take the helm.

Because Ron DeSantis proved he’s a fighter when he took one major action against woke Disney.

The battle between the once proud Walt Disney corporation and Governor Ron DeSantis still rages.

From Grumpy to groomer

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney remain entangled in a battle over just how much power the entertainment giant can have in the Sunshine State.

They also can’t agree on exactly which laws and which courts should decide the ongoing dispute.

Disney is making its arguments before a federal judge, while DeSantis is rightfully pursuing its claims before a state judge.

The long-running battle between DeSantis and Disney started a year ago when Disney went full woke and publicly lobbied against a parental rights bill in Florida that barred teachers from indoctrinating children as young as kindergarten age on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Most Republicans would have given up the fight and allowed Disney to continue their left-wing lobbying efforts unimpeded.

But DeSantis is a leader and a fighter, not a Nikki Haley or Nancy Mace-style RINO.

Disney’s attempt to go from a family-friendly company to a left-wing woke corporation carrying water for Democrats failed miserably.

Here is how you fight

Florida’s legislature, under DeSantis’ leadership passed the parental rights bill into law.

Then, in response to Disney’s actions, they passed a series of bills that stripped the company of power it held for 55 years.

This included their power to self-govern in a special tax district that included not just Disney World, but the roughly 25,000 acres surrounding it.

Of course, that meant all sorts of special tax breaks and benefits most companies do not get.

Under the new legislation no longer would a five-person, Disney-appointed and controlled special Board of Supervisors oversee the area.

Instead, DeSantis appointed five new Floridians to run the area as part of a newly created Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

Disney, not realizing the fight they were in for, fired back.

It seems they were used to weak-kneed Republicans willing to bend over backwards for the House of Mouse.

So in a desperate attempt to stop DeSantis, the Disney-backed Board of Supervisors rushed through a series of new development contracts very favorable to the company.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to court we go . . .

These actions, intended to undercut the will of the Florida legislature, attempted to impose a 30-year freeze on the regulations already in place, locked in Disney as the sole developer of the land and included new restrictive covenants preventing the district from altering its authority over the property forever.

But Disney wasn’t done, they followed those actions with a federal lawsuit against DeSantis, Florida state officials, and the replacement board members.

The company said its loss of authority over the district would impede their plans to invest more than $17 billion over the next decade and create 13,000 new jobs.

Rather than give up, DeSantis decided to fight back.

The Governor’s new tax district board filed a state lawsuit claiming land development contracts approved by the old Disney-controlled board were invalid because Florida legal procedures had been ignored.

Republicans at all levels should take note – this is how you win on both policy and with the conservative base.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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