Ron DeSantis put a Democrat Mayor on notice for this move to erase the country’s history

Jan 8, 2024

Democrats are trying to tear down the foundations of American history. 

A public official thought she could try this woke revisionism in Florida.

And Ron DeSantis put a Democrat Mayor on notice for this move to erase the country’s history.

Democrats have been aggressively trying to take down Confederate statutes and went into overdrive after George Floyd’s death in 2020.

Taking down Confederate statues is the first step to eventually targeting the Founding Fathers and other pillars of American democracy.

Controversy ensued when Jacksonville Democrat Mayor Donna Deegan removed the “Tribute to the Women of the Southern Confederacy” statue from the city’s Springfield Park in the middle of the night shortly after Christmas without the approval of the city council.

Deegan bypassed using taxpayer money for the removal instead relying on $187,000 from an anonymous donor and the Jessie Ball duPont Fund.

She claimed that she had the authority to remove the statue because city money was not used to do it.

Jacksonville City Council Member Nick Howland countered that removing the statue was a decision for the council to make.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis weighed in on the controversy at a campaign stop for his Presidential bid in Ankeny, Iowa.

“I’m opposed to taking down statues. The idea that we’re going to just erase history is wrong. You’ve seen it now where they tried to take down Thomas Jefferson. They tried to take down George Washington off schools. It just gets so out of hand,” DeSantis said. “So, I don’t support taking down statues, particularly if you don’t have legal authority to do it.”

“I don’t know what the legal basis was to do it,” DeSantis admitted. “I just kind of got a report on it, but I would not be taking down statues.”

DeSantis was proven correct in his assessment that Confederate statutes are just the starting point in the Left’s war on history.

Members of Deegan’s Mayoral transition team are targeting a statue of the city’s namesake, President Andrew Jackson.

“The conscious Left will not stop until we remove all symbols of racism & slavery,” Deegan Transition team member Leslie Scott Jean-Bart said. “The way the radical white, I mean, Right, worships monumental is a sign of desperation. They really could care less about the monuments. They just care about not allowing us to gain any dignity.”

Another member said that Jackson “was next.”

Florida has a bill introduced in the state legislature to stop this war on monuments.

The Protection of Historical Monuments and Memorials bill would ban the removal of “historical monuments and memorials” and punish violators with fines and elected officials who break the law with potential removal by the governor.

The woke Left will not rest until they’ve erased the foundation that the country was built on.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 


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