Ron DeSantis put Donald Trump on notice for this big problem he left the country

Sep 15, 2023

The country is grappling with one crisis after another under Joe Biden.

One of the biggest challenges has been years in the making.

And Ron DeSantis put Donald Trump on notice for this big problem he left the country.

Government spending has been out-of-control for decades but it went to the next level during the pandemic.

Now the country is in the middle of an inflation crisis from spending trillions of debt-financed dollars for wasteful pandemic relief programs.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unloaded on both political parties in Washington, D.C. for signing off on the reckless spending that created the rampant inflation that’s crushing Americans.

He told CBS News during an interview what he would do as President to get inflation under control.

“Stop spending so much money,” DeSantis said bluntly. “We need a President that’s going to be a force for spending restraint because that’s one of the root causes with Congress spending so much. Two, open up domestic energy production. Energy costs are a huge part of inflation.”

Inflation began to skyrocket under President Joe Biden in 2021 when he signed the $2 trillion American Rescue Plan into law, a massive giveaway to left-wing special interests.

Host Norah O’Donnell took the opportunity to blame Republicans for the government’s out-of-control spending.

“On that issue of spending, the issue is that, in fact, Republicans and under Donald Trump, he added $8 trillion to the debt,” O’Donnel said. “And as Nikki Haley pointed out during the debate, Republicans have earmarked more in spending bills than Democrats do. Do Republicans have a spending problem?”

“Yes, of course,” DeSantis replied. “This is Republicans and Democrats in D.C. that have done this. This is not just one political party. Republicans talk big when they’re out of power but when they get in, they don’t put their money where their mouth is.”

The pandemic relief spending spree that began under Trump has blown a hole in the federal budget.

“And you know, you’re right,” DeSantis said. “Donald Trump added almost $8 trillion to the debt in four years. He ran saying he was going to eliminate the national debt, maybe over an eight-year period, but he did make that promise, and then he did the opposite.”

DeSantis helped create the House Freedom Caucus while he was in Congress in part to oppose the reckless spending by the GOP establishment.

Florida developed a record budget surplus during his governorship with responsible government spending.

Ron DeSantis has a proven track record of being able to fight for taxpayers by combating wasteful government spending.

Now he’s asking voters to give him a chance to take that fight to the federal level.

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