Ron DeSantis received praise for his swift leadership that even critics couldn’t deny

Sep 7, 2023

Hurricane Idalia tested Ron DeSantis’ leadership abilities . . .

. . . and he passed the test with flying colors.

And while conservatives praised his proven leadership – critics took their best shot at knocking him down, but they failed miserably.

DeSantis demonstrated command

As Governor of Florida, DeSantis knew it was up to him to lead the people of Florida through the storm.

He immediately left the Presidential campaign to head back to Florida, and rolled up his sleeves to get to work.

Since DeSantis prepared ahead of the storm and had a structure in place – he was able to delegate and communicate what needed to be done and make sure everyone was doing their job to manage the crisis.

He didn’t panic or show weakness . . .

. . . but instead DeSantis remained calm and laid out clear instructions for Floridians on what to do to remain safe.

As a result, political experts report voters responded positively to DeSantis – and although unintended – he even saw a boost in his campaign.

“You loot, we shoot”

Perhaps the biggest boost in DeSantis’ campaign was his warning to looters and crooks who use tragedies to take advantage of vulnerable people.

“People have a right to defend their property,” DeSantis said.

“This part of Florida, you got a lot of advocates and proponents of the Second Amendment, and I’ve seen signs in different people’s yards in the past after these disasters, and I would say it’s probably here—‘You loot, we shoot,’” he continued.

While, of course, woke activists took offense to his comment – even their outrage couldn’t silence the cheers of applause from Second Amendment lovin’ Americans who 100 percent agree.

Dave Carney, a veteran Republican strategist based in New Hampshire claimed the comment would only help DeSantis’ campaign.

Politico reported that Carney predicted the “you loot, we shoot” comment would help DeSantis with GOP Primary voters, especially if critics blasted DeSantis for his comment.

“If I was the DeSantis team, this is a great fight to have — them picking on me for standing up for homeowners who just lost everything,” Carney said.

A tale of two leaders

In contrast, when wildfires raged on in Hawaii . . .

. . . Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered to leave his vacation until the very last moment.

The people in Hawaii were frustrated at Biden’s lack of help – and his out-of-touch comments he spewed at them once he actually showed up.

“If you look at it like a debate performance, if he had screwed it up, it would have been disastrous and that would have been the story,” Jason Osborne, a Mississippi-based Republican strategist said. “But he didn’t, and he did a great job, and it should be something he highlights.”

“I’m sure nobody wishes to have a hurricane so they can polish their credibility, but he did well. He did as expected,” Carney added.

As for President Trump, all he could do during Hurricane Idalia was take shots at DeSantis who was actually on the ground doing the hard work.

America deserves a leader who will steer them through a crisis the right way – and DeSantis proved he’s the best man for the job.

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