Ron DeSantis revealed one amazing truth about Florida that had Joe Biden sweating bullets

Oct 30, 2023

Florida has become a national leader under Ron DeSantis.

He’s created a stark contrast with the rest of the country.

And Ron DeSantis revealed one amazing truth about Florida that had Joe Biden sweating bullets.

The country is grappling with an economic malaise coming out of the pandemic under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis created the hottest economy in the country with his bold conservative leadership.

While blue-state cities are still reeling from the pandemic, the biggest city in Florida is in the midst of an unprecedented economic boom.

DeSantis boasted about the unemployment rate of Miami compared to New York City and Los Angeles which were decimated by the pandemic lockdowns.

“In September, Miami’s unemployment rate clocked in at 1.6% compared to other metro areas like Chicago at 3.9%, Los Angeles 5.1% and New York City at 5.3%,” DeSantis said on social media. “Florida is doing it right.”

Miami has become a magnet for jobs and businesses with its low crime rate and Florida’s business-friendly policies.

The city has seen its unemployment rate drop from 2.6% in September 2022 to 1.6%.

The unemployment rate for Florida is 2.8% compared to 3.8% nationally.

The Miami metro area gained 32,000 private sector jobs which was the second highest number of any metro area in the country.

DeSantis kept Florida open during the pandemic and avoided the economic devastation that hit lockdown-happy blue states.

Combined with low taxes and regulations, Florida is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom as jobs and businesses flock to the state.

Florida’s private sector job growth has grown for 30 consecutive months under DeSantis, adding 214,500 private sector jobs faster than the national average.

The Sunshine State’s employment numbers have outperformed the rest of the country for 28 straight months.

The economic boom under DeSantis has turned the state’s population into the fastest growing in the country according to the Census Bureau.

Florida is gaining residents and businesses abandoning blue states like New York and California in search of a better life.

The success of Florida’s economy is a major selling point for DeSantis during his presidential campaign.

He wants to take the boom he created in the Sunshine State national to the White House.

Florida stands in stark contrast to the sluggish national economy that President Joe Biden is presiding over.

The booming economy in Florida is a feather in the cap of Ron DeSantis as he looks to capture the White House.

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