Ron DeSantis revealed the three words every American wishes Donald Trump would have said to Anthony Fauci

Aug 23, 2023

“You’re fired” is the catchphrase Donald Trump famously used to kick off contestants when he hosted NBC’s The Apprentice.

But Trump rarely used his popular catchphrase as President.

And Ron DeSantis revealed the three words every American wishes Donald Trump would have said to Anthony Fauci.

Most Americans were happy to see Dr. Anthony Fauci retire from his long-held position as Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) at the end of December.

Fauci got caught lying to the American people on several occasions during the pandemic.

He publicly advocated for Americans to wear a mask at all times while privately telling his colleagues they were ineffective at preventing transmission of COVID.

Fauci appeared on the news on a daily basis and lectured Americans about following his rules and ordered them to cancel holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And he lied to Senator Rand Paul under oath about funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab in China.

But while Fauci did most of this madness under Joe Biden, Donald Trump is the one who picked him to serve on his Coronavirus Task Force in January of 2020.

And in March of 2020, Trump put Fauci in charge of his COVID response.

Ron DeSantis is reminding Republican voters of this unfortunate truth about Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci.

During a recent campaign event, Ron DeSantis revealed how he would have handled Anthony Fauci if he were President Trump in 2020.

DeSantis said he would never turn his office or administration over to Fauci.

“When I’m President, you will never see me turning over my office to Dr. Fauci,” DeSantis told the crowd.

“You don’t protect Fauci,” he continued. “You don’t coddle Fauci.”

Instead, DeSantis said that “you bring somebody like Fauci in, you sit them down, and you say, ‘Anthony, you are fired.’”

This is not the first time DeSantis ripped Trump for elevating Fauci.

“I think [Trump] did great for three years,” DeSantis previously said. “But when he turned the country over to Fauci in March of 2020, that destroyed millions of people’s lives.”

Anthony Fauci destroyed the country with his lockdowns and mandates.

And Ron DeSantis is making sure Republican voters know who is to blame for Fauci having so much power.

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