Ron DeSantis showed his true character by canceling a high dollar fundraising dinner in New York for one important reason

Aug 31, 2022

Ron DeSantis is by far the most popular Republican elected official in America.

Even though he’s facing his own re-election in November, Ron DeSantis is using his popularity to help bolster Republican candidates in several key battleground races across the country.

And Ron DeSantis showed his true character by canceling a high dollar fundraising dinner in New York for one important reason.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became a household name during the pandemic for his bold stand against Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID tyranny.

DeSantis’ refusal to enforce lockdowns and mandates during the pandemic followed by his willingness to take on the Left’s woke agenda has made him a rock star among Republican voters nationwide.

Polls show that if Donald Trump decides not to run for President again in 2024, the GOP nomination would be DeSantis’ for the taking if he wants it.

But DeSantis realizes how critical it is for Republicans to take back control of Congress this fall.

That’s why DeSantis is holding rallies for Republican candidates in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and elsewhere ahead of the November Midterm elections.

DeSantis’ popularity has translated into massive fundraising success, with the Governor bringing in a record-breaking $135 million for his re-election efforts.

Aside from helping candidates gain momentum, DeSantis is also using his popularity to help Republicans raise money by hosting fundraising events.

On Sunday, Ron DeSantis was scheduled to host a $25,000 per plate fundraising dinner on Long Island for New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

Zeldin is running against Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul in November.

During the pandemic, Hochul enforced lockdowns and authoritarian masks and vaccine mandates on New Yorkers.

She also attacked Ron DeSantis several times in the press over his pro-freedom agenda and for his battle against the woke Left.

But a spokesman for Lee Zeldin’s campaign announced on Sunday that Ron DeSantis canceled his appearance due to an “unforeseen tragedy.”

“An unforeseen tragedy forced Governor DeSantis to reschedule his trip to New York,” Zeldin spokeswoman Katie Vincentz said.

But Ron DeSantis just revealed the reason why he canceled the fundraising dinner at the last minute.

DeSantis canceled the dinner to attend a memorial service Monday morning in honor of Special Agent Jose Perez, who died on August 20 after a drunk driver crashed into him.

“Special Agent Jose Perez spent his life serving others, in the U.S. Armed Forces and, for over 30 years, in law enforcement,” DeSantis wrote on Twitter. “@CaseyDeSantis and I are praying for his family & his fellow @fdlepio officers.”

Perez died after being hit by a drunk driver while in the line of duty.

Ron DeSantis canceling an important fundraising dinner to attend a memorial service for a fallen officer only shows how much he truly admires and respects Florida’s first responders.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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