Ron DeSantis shut down this hoax against his agenda with one brutal fact

May 21, 2024

Ron DeSantis has faced a relentless smear campaign from Democrats and their media allies.

Now he has turned the tables on them in epic fashion.

And Ron DeSantis shut down this hoax against his agenda with one brutal fact.

Florida passes constitutional carry, the Left predicts a bloodbath

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a constitutional carry bill into law last year.

The bill removed the requirement to have a government permission slip in the form of a permit for a gun owner to exercise their concealed carry rights.

Pro-gun Republicans had been trying to pass it for years but ran into a roadblock from RINO leadership in the State House and State Senate during DeSantis’ first term.

With the bill’s passage, Florida became the 26th constitutional carry state, meaning now citizens in most of the country do not need a concealed carry permit to carry a firearm.

Every time a constitutional carry law passes, Democrats and the anti-gun lobby claim it will cause crime to spike and turn the state into some Hollywood version of the Wild West.

But none of this ever happens.

The violence and crime that they claim is coming with the passage of constitutional carry never materializes.

Anti-gunners predicted doom during the fight over the bill in Florida.

Giffords, an advocacy organization focused on promoting gun control, was one of the main organizations speaking out.

Giffords’ Florida Senior Advisor Debbie Mucarsel-Powell melted down when DeSantis signed Constitutional Carry.

“This is a dark day for Florida. Our children and communities are going to be less safe because Governor DeSantis is in the pocket of the gun lobby. We know that permitless carry laws lead to an increase in gun violence. We will hold Governor DeSantis accountable for his egregious actions,” Mucarsel-Powell ranted.

Giffords’ Florida State Director Samantha Barrios predicted that “fistfights will now turn into gunfights.”

“Floridians across the state are going to be less safe because of this bill,” Barrios claimed.

Anti-gun activists predicted that a bloodbath was on its way to Florida from law-abiding gun owners exercising their constitutional rights.

Crime is down in Florida after constitutional carry

Now that constitutional carry is the law of the land in Florida, the murder rate has decreased.

Jacksonville saw its murder rate drop 33% and Miami-Dade’s plummeted by 28%.

States with constitutional carry laws saw a decrease in murders for 2023.

Crime in Florida is at a 50-year low after DeSantis championed pro-gun policies.

Criminals did not abide by Florida’s concealed carry law to begin with.

Now they must worry that anyone in the state could be potentially carrying a concealed weapon.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said that the city likely had the fewest murders in its history in 2023.

And DeSantis gave credit to constitutional carry for the drop when he was campaigning for President in Iowa last January.

“Since we’ve enacted that you’ve had a big drop in murders in Miami, they just reported that’s what’s happened,” DeSantis said.

The anti-gun lobby claims gun control is about stopping violence, but its real mission is to disarm law-abiding gun owners.

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