Ron DeSantis spoke seven words of truth about America that sent CNN viewers into a fit of rage

Jan 20, 2024

Democrats and the left-wing media are obsessed with race.

They are constantly pushing the phony narrative that the United States is an evil and systemically racist nation.

But Ron DeSantis spoke seven words of truth about America that sent CNN viewers into a fit of rage.

Following Monday night’s Iowa Caucus where Donald Trump won by 30 points, GOP hopefuls are now turning their attention to New Hampshire and South Carolina.

The New Hampshire Primary will take place this Tuesday and the South Carolina Primary is a little further down the road on February 24.

On Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared for a town hall hosted by CNN in the Granite State.

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis participated in a CNN town hall Tuesday in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s upcoming primary,” CNN reported. “The GOP presidential contender, who came in second behind former President Donald Trump during Monday’s caucus in Iowa, took questions from New Hampshire voters about a wide range of issues.”

During the town hall, DeSantis ripped RINO Nikki Haley for spending “100% of her money” attacking him.

“She spent 100% of her money attacking me, and not one red cent attacking Donald Trump,” DeSantis claimed. “And I faced almost $50 million in total,” he continued. “I got in second and she did not.”

He also touted his pro-freedom pandemic policies.

DeSantis told the audience that Florida “dragged this country out of lockdown” because “we made sure schools were open; we made sure businesses were open.”

At one point, DeSantis was asked to comment on Nikki Haley’s statement that America was “not a racist country.”

Of course, the left-wing media and the Democrats claim America is a systemically racist nation and teach children to be ashamed of our nation’s history.

DeSantis refused to go along with the media’s narrative about America being racist and sided with Haley on this one point.

“The US is not a racist country,” DeSantis told the CNN audience. “And we’ve overcome things in our history,” he continued. “You know, I think the Founding Fathers, they established a set of principles that are universal.”

When DeSantis was pressed to explain in more detail why America is not a racist country, he once again did not back down from the Left.

“Well, what I said was we’ve had challenges with how race was viewed,” he said. “And so, for example, those were universal principles in the Declaration of Independence, and you had a [Supreme Court] decision in the 1850s that said Dred Scott, because he was black, wasn’t an American citizen,” he continued, before adding “that was wrong. That was discriminating on the basis of race.” 

“That’s why you ended up having the 14th amendment ratified to overturn Dred Scott,” he said.

Democrats and the media elites will certainly attack DeSantis as a racist for refusing to lie about his own country’s past.

But the Florida Governor has proven he has a spine of steel when it comes to fighting the woke Left.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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