Ron DeSantis’ spokesperson just dropped the hammer on Gavin Newsom with this one brutal truth about COVID lockdowns

Mar 17, 2022

Everyone from the Democrats to the Fake News Media to “woke” corporate CEOs spent the past week attacking Ron DeSantis over the misnamed “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Even California Governor Gavin Newsom joined in on the attacks.

But Ron DeSantis’ spokesperson just dropped the hammer on Gavin Newsom with this one brutal truth about COVID lockdowns.

Outside of Donald Trump, there is no other Republican the Democrats and the radical Left fear more than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis rose to rockstar status among Republican voters nationwide for his willingness to stand up to Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID tyranny.

DeSantis refused to enforce lockdowns, kept schools open, and banned mask and vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State while also promoting the early use of life-saving monoclonal antibodies.

But DeSantis has done much more than just take on the COVID tyrants on the Left.

DeSantis took action at the state-level to try to solve the illegal immigration disaster created by Joe Biden’s border crisis.

At his urging, the State Legislature passed legislation designed to strengthen election integrity in Florida, including a law that increases the penalties for ballot-harvesting and other election schemes frequently used by the Left.

But one of the areas where Ron DeSantis has shown the most leadership has to do with educational reform, specifically restoring parental rights in Florida.

DeSantis previously banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Florida’s schools, and also gave parents the right to sue any school board who violated this and taught the Marxist-based ideology in their classrooms.

After the Republican-led legislature recently passed a bill that prohibits the teaching of gender identity in sexuality in kindergarten through third grade, DeSantis recently referred to 2022 as “the year of the parent.”

After the corporate-controlled media misnamed it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the entire radical Left attacked and smeared Ron DeSantis.

Disney’s “woke” CEO personally called DeSantis in an attempt to pressure him into vetoing the legislation.

However, the pressure didn’t work, as DeSantis vowed that he wouldn’t be swayed by pressure from “woke corporations.”

But not wanting to miss an opportunity for attention, far-Left California Governor Gavin Newsom joined in on attacking DeSantis on social media, posting on Twitter that “Disney, the door is open to bring those jobs back to California – the state that actually represents the values of your workers.”

Of course, Newsom is forgetting one very important fact.

Newsom forced Disneyland in California to close down for 13 months during the pandemic, while DeSantis allowed Disney World in Orlando to stay open and operate.

Christina Pushaw, the official spokesperson for Ron DeSantis, is known for taking the Governor’s critics to task on social media.

And that’s exactly what she did to Gavin Newsom, reminding him that he shut down Disneyland for 13 months.

“Gavin Newsom kept Disneyland closed for 13 months straight.” Pushaw replied to Newsom’s original post.

But she didn’t stop there.

Pushaw also happens to be from California.

And in another post, she gave Newsom some advice about folks fleeing his state in droves over their far-Left, destructive policies.

“Ok! But maybe you should reflect on why they left in the first place. . . And why so many Californians are fleeing your crime ridden dystopia for free states like Florida. CA weather is better, but progressivism destroyed the middle class. Sincerely,
A former Californian,” Pushaw tweeted.

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