Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman destroyed the Fake News Media with this Jen Psaki quote

Jul 25, 2022

The Fake News Media fears Florida Governor Ron DeSantis more than any Republican in America save Donald Trump.

That’s because Ron DeSantis knows how to fight back and defeat the media mob.

And that proved true once again when Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman Christina Pushaw destroyed the Fake News Media with this Jen Psaki quote.

Governor DeSantis headlined the Sunshine Summit where 1,500 conservative activists gathered to hear speeches about the future of the conservative movement in Florida and how that applies to the nation at large.

Organizers did not offer press credentials to left-wing activists in the Fake News Media, seeing no benefit to letting ideological opponents into the event so they could smear the speakers and attendees.

Pushaw ridiculed members of the press crying about their lack of access by quoting Jen Psaki’s line about taking a kickboxing class and drinking a margarita and then telling them to go write the same hit pieces they would have written if they were credentialed for the event.

Psaki delivered her famous quote when Democrats failed to pass a federal power grab that would have rigged every election until the end of time in the Left’s favor.

The bill would have imposed universal mail-in-voting and ballot harvesting on all 50 states while at the same time neutering voter ID laws.

Democrat activists wailed and gnashed their teeth over the election-rigging bill failing believing that an election isn’t fair unless the rules tilt in their favor.

In an interview on The View, Psaki showed she was a clueless coastal elitist by responding to a question about how left-wing activists should process the bill’s defeat by taking a kickboxing class and drinking margaritas.

“My advice to everyone out there who is frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off: Feel those emotions. Go to a kickboxing class. Have a margarita,” Psaki stated. “Do whatever you need to do this weekend, and then, wake up on Monday morning. We’ve got to keep fighting.”

The tens of millions of Americans who do not live in left-wing urban enclaves found Psaki’s comments out-of-touch.

And that is why Christina Pushaw threw those words back in the Fake News Media’s face.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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