Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman just set the record straight about Disney losing its self-governing status

Apr 29, 2022

The Left is in a frenzy.

Ron DeSantis followed through on his promise to revoke Disney’s special privileges over the company’s support for indoctrinating young children with the homosexual and transgender agenda.

And Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman just set the record straight about Disney losing its self-governing status.

On April 22, Ron DeSantis signed a law to dissolve the Reedy Creek District.

Created in 1967, the Reedy Creek District allowed Disney to control zoning and public services over a 40-square-mile area encompassing the Walt Disney World Resort and the company’s other Orlando theme parks.

DeSantis ordered an extension of the Special Session of the State Legislature to revoke Disney’s self-governing status after the company attacked the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which simply prevents teachers from sexualizing children in kindergarten through third grade.

However, even though the details haven’t been finalized or released, the corporate-controlled media is already claiming that repealing Disney’s self-governing status will lead to massive tax hikes for Florida residents.

But Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw, responded to the media’s false claims and set the record straight in a tweet posted on Thursday, saying, “Disney will pay its fair share of taxes.”

“About the Reedy Creek special district: Disney will pay its fair share of taxes,” the tweet began. “Floridians, including residents of Orange and Osceola Counties, will not be on the hook,” Pushaw continued, before adding, “do not fall for another partisan political lie being amplified by media.”

Along with the tweet, Pushaw included an image that went into more detail about the media’s claim that repealing Disney’s self-governing status would result in massive tax hikes on Florida residents.

“As Governor DeSantis has said, Disney will pay its fair share of taxes, and abolishing the special district will not cause tax increases for the residents of any area of Florida,” the image read.

It then went on to explain how there is no logic behind the claim that repealing Disney’s special privileges will lead to tax increases.

“Partisan politicians (and their stenographers in the press) are making unsubstantiated statements that do not stand up to basic logic,” continued the letter. “Let’s think about this for a minute: If it’s true that the repeal of the special district would hand Disney a tax break, and the local taxpayers would be on the hook for this bail-out to benefit Disney . . . then why would Disney oppose repealing their special district? Indeed, why wouldn’t Disney have lobbied to get rid of the special district long ago?”

Pushaw’s post concluded by reminding folks that this would not be the first time that the media threw a “fit about some baseless hypothetical that disappears from the headlines after Governor DeSantis proves them wrong,” which was a reference to his pro-freedom pandemic policies.

The details of the Reedy Creek Development repeal will be released within the next few weeks.

Until then, the media will continue to make up false allegations and claims designed to politically harm DeSantis.

But as usual, their attacks will likely just make him stronger and more popular.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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