Ron DeSantis started a trend in red states that has Democrats quaking in their boots

Mar 3, 2023

National leaders set the tone for their parties.

That’s exactly what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing for the GOP.

And now Ron DeSantis started a trend in red states that has Democrats quaking in their boots.

Governor DeSantis inspired a series of copycats around the country with his push for medical freedom.

The state of Florida does not force anyone to go along with mandates coming down from the federal government after natural disasters or health emergencies.

Because Governor DeSantis’ approach proved so politically popular – DeSantis won re-election by 19 points – conservatives in other red states followed DeSantis lead.

“Governor DeSantis has been leading the way,” conservative Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer told POLITICO. “A lot of people are looking to DeSantis to see what he’s doing at this point, and it gives cover to other Governors, I think, to step out there.”

DeSantis inspired Schaefer to introduce legislation, which states that “if the provision is alleged to cause injury to the person or burden a right of the person that is protected by the state or federal constitution or by a state or federal law.”

Schaefer told POLITICO his bill was based around the principle – which DeSantis brought to the mainstream – that the government cannot simply trample your rights just because it declares an emergency.

“It is the historical legal tradition of the United States of America that when your rights are infringed, there’s some way to get into a court and get a hearing, even a preliminary hearing. There’s some due processes that’s involved. But in Texas, and I’m sure in many other states as well, no one could get standing,” Schaefer added. “A lot of this is just simply restoring due process.”

American Enterprise Institute non-resident fellow Brian Miller said DeSantis showed guts in bucking the trend pushing back against an overwhelming liberal public health establishment.

“I think he’s presenting an alternative. Is the alternative being presented in a political way? Yes. That doesn’t make it less valid,” Miller stated. “Taking a different approach in public health requires a lot of guts. The public health community has historically not done a good job in integrating centrist, conservative and libertarian viewpoints.”

Ron DeSantis kicked off a nationwide push for medical freedom.

DeSantis did all this as the Governor of Florida.

And that’s why many conservatives want to know what would happen if DeSantis owned the bully pulpit of the White House.

“I definitely appreciate his effort to do that,” Indiana GOP state Representative Becky Cash said in an interview with POLITICO. “Quite honestly, if he’s going to run for president, I like what I see.”

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