Ron DeSantis told a cheering crowd this one thing needs to change in America

Sep 14, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the rising stars in the Republican Party.

That’s because DeSantis is laying out an agenda that many see as the future of the Republican Party.

And Ron DeSantis told a cheering crowd this one thing needs to change in America.

During a speech at Natcon 3, Ron DeSantis outlined his vision of a populist conservative movement that addressed the needs of the working class.

In his comments, Governor DeSantis took aim at woke corporations that now serve to impose the Democrat Party agenda.

DeSantis warned that Republicans who do the bidding of woke corporations are not actually serving the free market as companies are looking for subsidies as well as regulations that snuff out smaller competitors.

“Corporatism is not the same as free enterprise, and I think too many Republicans have viewed limited government to basically mean whatever is best for corporate America is how we want to do the economy,” DeSantis told the crowd which then burst into applause.

“And my view is, obviously, free enterprise is the best economic system, but that is a means to an end,” DeSantis added. “It’s a means to having a good, fulfilling life and a prosperous society. It’s not an end in and of itself.”

In recent years, Democrats turned to corporations to impose a policy agenda that Democrats could not otherwise pass because it was illegal for the government to take such actions or Democrats could not win enough elections.

The Biden administration got caught ordering social media companies to censor accounts on Joe Biden’s enemies list because these individuals criticized Joe Biden’s COVID mandates.

And Democrats leaned on Disney to try and kill Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, which prevents teachers from grooming students in grades K through 3 into the transgender lifestyle.

In both cases, DeSantis drew Republicans a road map on how to fight back.

DeSantis signed legislation in Florida preventing social media companies from banning political candidates for office.

And DeSantis also signed a bill stripping Disney of its special tax privileges.

Corporate America is yet another institution captured by the radical Left.

But unlike RINOs who say there is nothing to be done, Ron DeSantis showed there is a way for conservatives to counteract their political influence and win.

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