Ron DeSantis told a crowd of conservative women the ten words Democrats fear most

Jul 19, 2022

Ron DeSantis knows what it takes to fight the radical Left and win.

Now DeSantis is sharing his strategies with other conservatives ahead of the Midterm elections.

And Ron DeSantis told a crowd of conservative women the ten words Democrats fear most.

Leftists have dominated America’s political and cultural institutions for several years.

As a result, the Left’s woke ideology has penetrated every aspect of American society, from the federal government all the way down to the local level.

But the educational system is where the Left focused most of their attention over the years, as they know indoctrinating children at a young age into their woke ideology is the key to turning America into a socialist nation.

However, during the pandemic, parents became more involved in their children’s schoolwork.

Parents were shocked to learn what the Left was teaching their children, especially indoctrinating them into the transgender and homosexual lifestyle.

Ron DeSantis was the one Republican who said enough was enough and decided to fight back against the Left’s woke ideology.

Even though the Left viciously attacked him the entire time, DeSantis pushed forward with his agenda to restore parental rights in education and rid Florida of the woke curriculum.

DeSantis’ leadership emboldened conservatives from across the country to stand up and take on the woke Left’s domination of the educational system.

And DeSantis is now sharing his strategy of how to defeat the Left with other conservatives nationwide.

On Saturday, Moms for Liberty held their national conference in Tampa, Florida.

Moms for Liberty was created by three female school board members in Florida in January of 2021 – Tina Descovich, Tiffany Justice, and Bridget Ziegler.

The organization now has more than 100,000 members in 28 states across the country.

Hundreds of parental rights advocates attended the three-day event in Tampa, where they attended seminars on subjects like gender ideology and social and emotional learning.

They also inspired and trained potential school board candidates.

But the highlight of the event was the keynote address delivered by Ron DeSantis.

“I have a five-, a four- and a two-year-old, so maybe I’m a little bit more sensitive about this,” DeSantis told the crowd. “But I think parents in this country should be able to have their kids go to school, watch cartoons – just be kids – without an agenda shoved down their throat.”

DeSantis focused his speech on “the free state of Florida.”

“We have drawn a very clear line in the sand that says, ‘Our school system is for educating kids, not indoctrinating kids,’” DeSantis said.

DeSantis also encouraged the attendees to do more than just speak out against the Left.

He encouraged them to do what the Democrats’ fear the most – to stand and fight back.

“Now is not the time to be a shrinking violet. Now is not the time to let them grind you down,” DeSantis told the cheering audience. “You’ve got to stand up and you’ve got to fight.”

DeSantis acknowledged that it’s not easy to take on the Left because of how vicious and nasty they are with their attacks.

“You’re going to take fire,” DeSantis said, before adding that “they’re going to shoot arrows at you.”

DeSantis is a shining example of how if conservatives will just stand up and fight, they will defeat the Left on most of the issues.

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