Ron DeSantis told Fox News Channel’s Dan Bongino exactly what must happen if Republicans take back control of Congress

Aug 30, 2022

There’s less than 75 days left until the Midterm elections.

Democrats are defending razor-thin majorities in both houses of Congress.

And Ron DeSantis told Fox News Channel’s Dan Bongino exactly what must happen if Republicans take back control of Congress.

During a recent interview on Fox News Channel’s Unfiltered, DeSantis discussed the upcoming November Midterms with Dan Bongino.

DeSantis is running for re-election against Democrat Charlie Crist this fall.

Bongino kicked off the interview by mentioning how Charlie Crist insulted half the voters in Florida during his acceptance speech last Tuesday by claiming that DeSantis supporters have “hate” in their hearts.

DeSantis pointed out that Crist’s remarks were “representative of this leftist mindset that believes conservatives are ‘second-class citizens.’”

DeSantis rose to national stardom during the pandemic for his refusal to enforce Biden and Fauci’s lockdowns and mandates.

Bongino brought up Anthony Fauci’s recent announcement that he is resigning in December.

“Governor, I’d like you to respond to this sound byte here,” Bongino said. “Dr. Fauci cannot let go of this idea that somehow lockdows were this model of success even though the science says otherwise,” he continued, before adding “take a listen.”

Bongino played a clip of Anthony Fauci defending the lockdowns and telling Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto that he “didn’t shut down anything.”

DeSantis blasted Fauci, who he said “criticized” him “every step of the way.”

“He criticized us for having businesses open,” DeSantis said. “He criticized us for having beaches open, he criticized us for having kids in school,” he continued, before adding that “over two years ago we were the only state in the country to have 100% in-person.”

Even though Fauci claims he never supported lockdowns, DeSantis called him out on it.

“He was a leading advocate for school closures, he tried to sow fear in the population and scare a lot of parents,” DeSantis said.

“He was wrong on all the important issues.”

If Republicans take back Congress this fall, several GOP leaders are promising to hold hearings and investigate Fauci’s lies and deceptions.

DeSantis urged Republicans to follow through and hold investigations if they regain power because Fauci “needs a reckoning on all this.”

“My fear is, if the Republicans take control, we need a reckoning on all this, because I think people like Fauci, what they’re gonna say in the future is, ‘Oh, we didn’t lock down hard enough, that’s why it didn’t work’ – and we can never go down that road,” DeSantis said.

Anthony Fauci believes he is invincible.

He thinks he can get away with his crimes by resigning while his Democrat pals are still in power.

But if Republicans take back Congress, as Ron DeSantis warned, there will be a day of “reckoning” for Anthony Fauci.

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