Ron DeSantis took a trip that left everyone talking about one thing

Sep 26, 2022

Speculation about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to swirl.

DeSantis may have his eyes on another job.

And Ron DeSantis took a trip that left everyone talking about one thing.

DeSantis traveled to key states ahead of the Midterm election to campaign for Trump-endorsed candidates.

The Florida Governor hit the trail in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Mexico to stump for conservative Senate and Gubernatorial hopefuls.

DeSantis’ election travel to battleground states immediately sparked talk that DeSantis is eying a 2024 Presidential campaign.

Ready for Ron PAC lawyer Dan Backer told Yahoo! News that the group believes DeSantis is the logical heir to Donald Trump’s successful legacy as President.

“We think he’s the guy,” Backer declared. “I love Trump – I think Trump was a fantastic President. But that’s not what we’re about. We’re about getting Ron DeSantis to run and electing him so we beat Joe Biden and save our country.”

There is some polling data to suggest that Republican voters are also open to the idea of a DeSantis Presidential campaign.

A new USA Today/Suffolk poll found DeSantis leading Donald Trump in a hypothetical matchup in a 2024 Florida Presidential primary.

“A USA Today/Suffolk poll released on Wednesday showed DeSantis leads Trump 48%-40% among Florida Republicans in a 2024 presidential primary contest. That was a reversal from a Florida poll in January when Trump edged DeSantis 47%-40%,” Yahoo! reported.

DeSantis’ record of conservative achievement is powering his surge in popularity with Republican voters.

Since the COVID pandemic hit, DeSantis led the pushback against Dr. Fauci’s tyrannical lockdowns and mask mandates.

DeSantis also banned vaccine passports and schools forcing students to wear masks in classrooms.

This past spring, DeSantis took on both woke ideology and woke corporations.

As DeSantis fought to sign the Parental Rights Bill in Education into law, Disney CEO Bob Chapek pitched a fit and announced Disney intended to see the legislation defeated or struck down in court.

DeSantis – like many conservatives – was sick of seeing woke corporations interfere in politics to push the Left’s bizarre social agenda.

But DeSantis didn’t just whine or issue a strongly worded letter.

DeSantis signed legislation stripping Disney of its special government privileges.

Governor Ron DeSantis took on the fights that mattered to conservatives and most importantly achieved victory.

And that is why Ron DeSantis is the most talked about Republican Presidential prospect outside of Donald Trump.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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