Ron DeSantis took Democrats completely by surprise with this undercover election move

Aug 23, 2022

Democrats got caught napping.

It’s about to cost them big time.

And Ron DeSantis took Democrats completely by surprise with this undercover election move.

Governor Ron DeSantis continues to reshape Florida from a swing state to a red state.

DeSantis achieved this political shift by scoring a number of conservative victories.

The latest front in DeSantis’ war on woke is in local school board elections.

DeSantis endorsed dozens of candidates who oppose forcing children to wear masks and brainwashing students with Critical Race Theory.

“Parental rights, curriculum transparency and classrooms free of woke ideology are all on the ballot this election, and it starts with school board elections,” DeSantis announced ahead of a campaign swing to promote his endorsed candidates.

For years teachers unions pumped money into local school board elections to elect puppets that would impose the Left’s woke agenda.

But COVID and school closures exposed parents to the garbage the teachers unions were filling their kid’s heads with.

Now Ron DeSantis is trying to stop this leftist indoctrination.

“By wading into school board races and endorsing local candidates, DeSantis is attempting to reshape the education landscape in the country’s third most populous state. The move is also leading Florida Republicans to send cash and campaign help on the eve of the primaries, in many cases targeting incumbents who have opposed some of the GOP’s policies,” POLITICO reports.

Governor DeSantis is not just trying to win open seat races.

The Governor endorsed challengers to some of the teachers union’s biggest allies on school boards.

“DeSantis is also challenging at least 10 incumbents who are running for reelection. In most instances, incumbents, regardless of affiliation, are being pushed to raise significantly more cash to defend their seats compared to four years ago, a sign of how endorsements are affecting campaigns this year,” POLITICO also reports.

Parents’ rights and fighting back against wokeism helped flip the Virginia Governor’s election to the Republicans for the first time since 2009.

Governor DeSantis responded by pushing the Parental Rights in Education Bill and the Stop Woke Act to prevent teachers from grooming children into transgenderism and leftist political philosophy as well as lies about America and its history.

Now Governor DeSantis is taking the next step to make each district have school board members that implement anti-woke policies and much needed school choice reforms.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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