Ron DeSantis took everyone by surprise with this regret about his Presidential campaign

Jan 23, 2024

The post-mortems on Ron DeSantis’ Presidential campaign are rolling in.

The Florida Governor made a confession about the race for the White House.

And Ron DeSantis took everyone by surprise with this regret about his Presidential campaign.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended his Presidential campaign and endorsed former President Donald Trump when it became apparent he had no path to victory.

Before exiting the Presidential contest, DeSantis reflected on his campaign during an interview with talk radio show host Hugh Hewitt.

“What errors did you make that you’re willing to say: I shouldn’t have done this, but I’m going to correct it going forward and I’m going to do well in March,” Hewitt asked DeSantis before his announcement to drop out.

“I came in not really doing as much media,” DeSantis said. “I should have just been blanketing. I should have gone on all the corporate shows. I should have gone on everything. I started doing that as we got into the end of the summer, and we did it. But we had an opportunity, I think, to come out of the gate and do that and reach a much broader folk.”

The national media ran a non-stop smear campaign against DeSantis as governor beginning with his decision to keep Florida free and open during the pandemic.

Democratic operatives masquerading as journalists attacked him relentlessly when it became clear he was a rising political star.

The Florida Governor began to ignore and dismiss most of the media but give access to friendly outlets like Fox News.

DeSantis continued that strategy with the launch of his Presidential campaign by focusing exclusively on conservative-leaning TV, radio, and digital outlets.

Starting in July, he expanded his presence in the media with town halls and appearances on hostile networks like CNN.

DeSantis helped build his political profile in Florida by smacking down hostile journalists in press conferences.

Taking his message into hostile territory like CNN and MSNBC provided him an opportunity to give clueless journalists a reality check and reach a broader audience. 

He ended his campaign as the only candidate willing to duke it out on the debate stage after Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ducked the debates.

“Now, I’m everywhere,” DeSantis told Hewitt. “I mean, I’ll show up wherever. I committed to do the debate tonight on WMUR and ABC in New Hampshire. I’m the only one that’s willing to debate. I’ve done these televised town halls. I go out and take questions from voters. You know, I think that’s good.”

DeSantis fell short in his bid to become the Republican Presidential nominee, but he can take the lessons learned from this campaign with him.

At 45 years old, the Florida Governor has a bright future in politics ahead of him.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 


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