Ron DeSantis took the gloves off and destroyed CNN with this harsh truth

Apr 21, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps showing why the corporate-controlled media hates his guts.

That is a badge of honor for a Republican in this day and age.

And Ron DeSantis took the gloves off and destroyed CNN with this harsh truth.

Twitter’s Board of Directors recently tried to inject a poison pill into Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $43 billion-dollar hostile takeover of the social media giant.

Woke leftists on the Twitter Board are terrified that Musk will purchase Twitter and turn it into a platform for free speech where users are free to criticize and disagree with the Democrat Party’s ideology and orthodoxy.

Governor DeSantis announced at a press conference that Florida would not be divesting itself of its shares of Twitter because doing so would remove the ability of the state to take legal action against Twitter’s Board for violating its fiduciary duty to shareholders.

“If we did that, we would not have standing to hold the board of directors accountable,” DeSantis stated. “It gives us standing to do it.”

The Board has a responsibility to provide a return on investment and Musk’s offer is worth eight dollars more per share than the current stock price.

“If the Board is acting in ways that are breaching their fiduciary duty, if they’re doing it for reasons of power and politics, and basically to serve as a suppression arm of the government, well then you’re in a situation where, you know, you need some accountability there,” DeSantis continued. “First of all, that’s not free market capitalism, when you have that, OK?”

DeSantis slammed the Twitter Board as a cabal, scheming to keep the platform under the control of the Left so social media giants can continue to censor conservative views.

“That’s a ruling junta that’s using their policies to try to marginalize people that disagree with them,” DeSantis added.

Finally DeSantis addressed the freakout in the corporate-controlled media – especially at outlets like CNN – over the prospect the Left would lose its monopoly to censor speech online.

DeSantis described it as ridiculous, considering CNN lies every day about Donald Trump and his supporters.

“You notice the people that are the most hostile to Musk are people from like these legacy media outlets like Washington Post and CNN and all these places,” DeSantis declared. “Nobody trusts these people anymore, I tell you they lie every single day.”

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