Ron DeSantis used this baseball analogy about Donald Trump to make his case to voters in Iowa

Jan 12, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a former athlete who excelled in sports.

DeSantis played in the Little League World Series as a kid and went on to earn a starting position for the Yale Bulldogs baseball team.

And Ron DeSantis used this baseball analogy about Donald Trump to make his case to voters in Iowa.

Ron DeSantis had an exceptional baseball career before entering politics.

His Dunedin Little League team made it to the quarterfinals Little League World Series in 1991.

“We were like local celebrities for a while,” DeSantis said about the experience. “We were the lead story in the local newscasts and on the front page of the Tampa area papers.”

After high school, DeSantis played baseball at Yale University, where he batted .336 his senior year and served as team Captain.

During his time serving in the U.S. House, he shared a message of encouragement with the West Boynton Little League Team before they traveled to compete in the Little League World Series.

“I would just say you’re having the time of your life, enjoy it,” DeSantis said in his message. “Those are friends that you’re going to have forever. Play hard, work hard, just feel lucky that you’re doing it. And thank your parents.”

Even though he no longer plays baseball, DeSantis still has a love for the game in his heart.

And during a recent virtual press conference, DeSantis used a baseball analogy to explain why he believes nominating Donald Trump would be a mistake.

“I do think we’ve seen in the state recently, Donald Trump doing events and I just, I watch some of those events, see snippets of his speeches, and comparing him to 2016 Trump, versus now,” DeSantis said, before adding that “you know, this is just a different guy.”

“He’s lost the zip on his fastball,” he added.

The Florida Governor then offered a few concrete examples to back his claim that Trump “lost the zip on his fastball.”

“Some of the things he was talking about in terms of magnets underwater, saying that somehow the Perry shooting people just needed to get over it, were really head-scratching to hear that,” he said. “He even suggested that the Civil War could have, he could have potentially negotiated that somehow,” DeSantis continued, adding that “he couldn’t even negotiate funding for a border wall when he had a Republican Congress.”

DeSantis told reporters that Trump is losing support from Iowa voters due to his recent rhetoric.

“And so, I see that, and I look and I think that the more Iowans see kind of this Trump versus the Trump that they knew, I think that you’re gonna see more and more people who are going to be open to go in a different direction,” he said.

The Iowa Caucus takes place on Monday.

DeSantis is standing by his promise to shock the world in Iowa.

But only time will tell whether he is able to make good on this bold promise.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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