Ron DeSantis wants to take one Florida policy national that left Democrats panicking

Jan 8, 2024

Ron DeSantis has turned Florida into the model for successful conservative policies.

He could drastically shift the country in the White House.

And Ron DeSantis wants to take one Florida policy national that left Democrats panicking.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has transformed the educational system in the Sunshine State.

He’s taken a sledgehammer to wokeness in government schools by banning Critical Race Theory (CRT), radical gender ideologies, and other Marxist indoctrination from being taught to students.

Florida is ranked number one in the country for education because it has focused on providing a proper education instead of teaching a left-wing political agenda.

In an interview with local Iowa CBS affiliate KCCI, Desantis vowed he would implement a national civics curriculum if elected President.

“I think we will create a model curriculum for American civics,” DeSantis said. “We’ve done that in Florida. It’s really taken off. We’ve provided training courses for teachers where they can get a $3,000 bonus. So that’s really a model, I think because we’ve got to teach people about what it means to be an American. We’ve got to teach them about the founding principles of this country. So, we will absolutely be leading on that.”

DeSantis transformed Florida’s civics education in 2021 when he introduced the Civic Literacy Excellence Initiative.

The initiative repurposed unused pandemic stimulus money from the federal government to turn Florida into “the national leader in civics education” and “get politicization out of the curriculum.”

Left-wing propaganda that has overtaken civics education in government schools indoctrinates students that America is evil and teaches them to hate their country.

The Florida governor said the initiative aimed to teach “foundational concepts with the best materials”.

“Teaching kids to hate their country and hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money,” DeSantis said in 2021. “I think if you look around the country understanding what our country is founded on has become very much a lost art.”

DeSantis also said in the interview that he hoped to achieve the long-held conservative dream of eliminating the Department of Education.

Democrats have used civics education as a Trojan Horse to target students with their extreme political agenda.

Civics education that teaches facts instead of ideology has fallen by the wayside in much of the country.

A Ron DeSantis Presidency could be the end of the woke indoctrination posing as education in government schools across the country.

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