Ron DeSantis was shaking his head in disbelief when he heard what Donald Trump said about COVID

Sep 7, 2023

Donald Trump was President when COVID first hit the United States.

It was Donald Trump who put Anthony Fauci in charge of the pandemic.

That’s why Ron DeSantis was shaking his head in disbelief when he heard what Donald Trump said about COVID.

Ron DeSantis became a rock star in the Republican Party during the COVID pandemic for his principled opposition to Fauci’s lockdowns and mandates.

Now that he is running for President, DeSantis has been reminding voters of one unfortunate truth about Donald Trump’s response to COVID.

Donald Trump placed Anthony Fauci in charge of the country’s pandemic response in March of 2020.

“When I’m President, you will never see me turning over my office to Dr. Fauci,” DeSantis said at a campaign event last month. “You bring somebody like Fauci in, you sit them down, and you say, ‘Anthony, you are fired.’”

DeSantis also said Trump “destroyed millions of people’s lives” when he “turned the country over to Fauci in March of 2020.”

But Donald Trump still stands by his response to the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Trump appeared for an interview on SiriusXM’s Stacy on the Right.

“In 2016 and 2020, we did great,” Trump said. “Everyone talks about 2016, which was great, but 2020, we did better.”

Trump then bragged about his response to the pandemic.

“And that’s the big secret, because we did such a great job with COVID,” Trump said. “Nobody knew what it was when it first came…but we got it back to a point where our country and our economy were doing well,” he continued, before adding that “Biden is blowing it with inflation so badly.”

Even though he did not mention Trump by name, on Wednesday DeSantis took a swipe at the former President in a new COVID video.

The video begins with DeSantis ripping the COVID authoritarians before showing clips of Anthony Fauci lecturing Americans about masks and vaccines.

“As Biden’s biomedical state is chomping at the bit to bring back COVID authoritarianism, we will continue to hold the line,” DeSantis wrote in a post where he shared the video. “As your President, I will usher in a reckoning for those who devised the failed and destructive biomedical policies that caused damage throughout our country, because until there is accountability they will try to do it again.”

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