Ron DeSantis was speechless when Hawaiian police gave this sick advice to beachgoers

Jun 18, 2024

A trip to Hawaii is supposed the be the vacation of a lifetime for most Americans.

But the Aloha State is suffering from the same failed policies as other blue states. 

And Ron DeSantis was speechless when Hawaiian police gave this sick advice to beachgoers. 

Police tell people at the beach to take their valuables into the ocean

Summer is the beginning of one of the busiest periods of tourism in Hawaii as visitors flock to the state’s renowned beaches.

Crime is becoming a big problem in the island paradise of Hawaii.

Even the beach is not safe from criminals.

The Honolulu Police Department warned beachgoers on social media to take their valuables with them when they go into the ocean to keep them safe from would-be thieves.

“For those enjoying the beach, don’t leave valuables unattended on the sand. Instead, use a waterproof bag that you can take into the water with you,” the Honolulu Police Department wrote on social media.

This absurd announcement came after Honolulu was declared one of the safest cities to travel to in the world.

A little over a week before, the Hawaiian Tourism Agency and the city of Honolulu held a press conference to crow that Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection named the city “Safest City to Travel to in the World” for 2024.

Criminals in the city apparently did not get the memo.

Mayor Rick Blangiardi said that safety was the city’s highest priority at a press conference celebrating the award.

“Our number one priority is public safety for all of us who live here, which thus extends to those who visit,” Blangiardi said. “It also shows that the aloha spirit permeates through our people, and travelers come away realizing all this and more.”

Locals mock the Honolulu police for its recommendation

The Honolulu Police Department told a Waikiki Neighborhood Board meeting that there had been more than 160 thefts in the famous beachfront neighborhood in the month of April.

Waikiki residents told Hawaii News Now that crime is on the rise at the famous beach.

“It is a real problem. It’s been getting worse. There’s more and more every week, especially with summer out of school,” a beachgoer said.

The Honolulu Police Department’s recommendation of taking valuables in the water went over like a lead balloon with most residents of the neighborhood.

“How about arresting, prosecuting and locking up criminals?” a commenter replied to the department on social media.

“Is this a joke?” one social media user wondered.

“‘Safest City in the World’ [tears of joy emojis]” commented another.

Beachgoers told Hawaii News Now that the announcement was “obnoxious” and “crazy.”

“To take a waterproof bag in the water, that’s obnoxious to me,” one Waikiki beachgoer said. 

“I think it’s crazy. There’s no way I would put my stuff in the water with me,” another beachgoer said.

Tourism is one of the biggest sectors of Hawaii’s economy.

Potential tourists could opt to save thousands of dollars and head to Florida if the Aloha State cannot keep them safe.

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