Ron DeSantis was stunned by the horrifying photo his wife Casey shared from the Governor’s Mansion

Aug 31, 2023

Recovery efforts are underway in Florida after Hurricane Idalia made landfall Wednesday morning as a Category 3 storm.

More than a quarter million residents and businesses lost power as a result of the hurricane’s destructive force.

But Ron DeSantis was stunned by the horrifying photo his wife Casey shared from the Governor’s Mansion.

Governor Ron DeSantis put his Presidential campaign on pause to remain in Florida and run the state’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

Originally predicted to be a Category 4 storm, Hurricane Idalia made landfall in the Keaton Beach area just under that as a Category 3 story at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday morning and left a path of destruction across the state.

DeSantis has held multiple press conferences per day this week to update Florida residents on the recovery efforts.

“The storm has begun to clear parts of Florida as of late Wednesday morning,” FLVoice reported. “Florida authorities warned residents to not visit impacted areas unless directed by officials that it is safe to do so, unless you must return home, are a first responder or a registered volunteer,” FLVoice continued, before adding that “DeSantis said Wednesday afternoon at a press briefing that various types of recovery teams are entering impacted areas to begin operations like rescues, debris removal and power restoration.”

The Governor also warned residents about the threat of looting and reminded potential looters that Florida is a pro-Second Amendment state.

“You never know what you’re walking into,” he said. “This part of Florida – you got a lot of advocates and proponents of the 2nd Amendment […] ‘You loot, we shoot.’”

Casey DeSantis remained at the Governor’s Mansion during the hurricane with their three children, Mason, Madison, and Mamie.

But the Governor’s Mansion was not off limits for the destructive hurricane.

And Casey DeSantis shared a photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, of a 100-year-old oak tree that fell on the Governor’s Mansion while she and the kids were inside.

“100 year old oak tree falls on the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee — Mason, Madison, Mamie and I were home at the time, but thankfully no one was injured,” she wrote. “Our prayers are with everyone impacted by the storm.”

Ron DeSantis said he spoke with his wife shortly after the tree fell and was glad no one was injured.

“I don’t know if they’re gonna have to cut down the whole tree,” he said. “If they do cut down the whole tree, that’s just gonna be more room for my kids to hit baseballs in and so in some respects for us, even though the tree was nice, we’ll probably make do and just be quite alright.”

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