Ron DeSantis went on Fox News and dropped the hammer on Democrats with this devastating reality check about Biden’s border crisis

Sep 21, 2022

With fewer than 50 days left until the November Midterms, Ron DeSantis catapulted the illegal immigration crisis to the forefront of political discourse.

Democrats are desperately trying to sweep the border crisis back under the rug.

But Ron DeSantis just went on Fox News and dropped the hammer on Democrats with this devastating reality check about Biden’s border crisis.

According to the latest statistics, Border Patrol agents have already apprehended a record-setting two million illegal aliens in Fiscal Year 2022.

For the fifth straight month, Border Patrol apprehensions have exceeded 180,000 illegal aliens.

Since Joe Biden refuses to lift a finger to try to solve the problem, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis gave the President a dose of his own medicine last week by sending two planes carrying 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Martha’s Vineyard is a vacation haven for left-wing elites in America, with the Obamas even owning a $15 million beachfront mansion at the Vineyard.

Since Massachusetts is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens and left-wing elites are the ones pushing for open borders, Ron DeSantis expected them to welcome the illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard with open arms.

Of course, the exact opposite happened.

Instead of providing food, clothing, and shelter for the illegal aliens, the left-wing elites launched into a frenzy, officially declared an emergency situation, packed them on buses, and sent them away from the Vineyard.

They even called in the National Guard . . .

During an appearance on Fox News Channel, Ron DeSantis exposed the Left’s blatant hypocrisy on illegal immigration.

“You know, because you have been covering this – the millions of people since Biden has been President illegally coming across the southern border,” DeSantis told host Sean Hannity. “Did they freak out about that?” he asked, before answering his own question with a “No!”

DeSantis then slammed Democrats for crying about him sending the planes to Martha’s Vineyard while remaining silent when 50 neglected illegal aliens died in a trailer in Texas and saying nothing about “criminal aliens get across that southern border and victimize Americans, killing some and raping some.”

“Was there any type of outrage about that? No,” DeSantis said.

Biden’s wide-open borders is also creating a human catastrophe in America, as Mexican drug cartels are smuggling the deadly drug fentanyl into the country.

Fentanyl is now allegedly the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-45 in the United States.

“And then of course we know fentanyl deaths are at an all-time high,” DeSantis said. “Where’s that fentanyl coming from?,” he continued, before adding that “it’s coming over the open southern border.”

DeSantis concluded by ripping Democrats for claiming to be a “sanctuary jurisdiction” while refusing to help 50 illegal aliens who were “destitute.”

“It’s only when 50 get put into Martha’s Vineyard — which wasn’t saying they didn’t want this,” DeSantis said. “They said they were a sanctuary jurisdiction,” he continued, adding that “these are people who were basically destitute and put in a situation where they could have succeeded, but that was all virtue signaling and not only did they not welcome them, they deported them the next day with the National Guard — give me a break!”

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