Ron DeSantis went on Fox News and revealed the real reason why Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his Vice President

Jul 26, 2022

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a complete disaster.

Now Democrats are facing a tough decision about replacing Biden.

And Ron DeSantis went on Fox News and revealed the real reason why Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his Vice President.

Inflation is skyrocketing, sending the price of everything from gas to groceries through the roof.

The supply chain is breaking down, leading to shortages of critical items like baby formula.

The border is wide open, allowing record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs like fentanyl into the country.

No matter how you look at it, Joe Biden’s Presidency is a massive failure for Democrats.

Democrats were already facing an uphill battle to maintain control of Congress after November.

Republicans only need to flip five seats in the House and one in the Senate to oust Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from power.

With the November Midterm elections just around the corner, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are at all-time lows, with no signs of improvement in sight.

Even though Biden’s approval ratings are dragging down Democrats across the board, Party leaders are faced with a tough situation about replacing Joe Biden.

Because of Joe Biden’s severely declining mental faculties, a few Democrats have mentioned the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the President from office.

If that happened, Kamala Harris would become President.

And during an interview with Laura Ingraham, Ron DeSantis said this is the real reason why Joe Biden picked Harris to be his Vice President.

“So here’s the thing – I thought Biden picking her at first was like the worst decision ever because she’s not great,” DeSantis told Ingraham.

DeSantis then said that Kamala Harris being such a horrible politician essentially served as “impeachment insurance” and “25th Amendment insurance” for Joe Biden.

“But she’s like the best impeachment insurance and 25th Amendment insurance anyone could have,” DeSantis continued. “Because as bad as Biden is, even though he can barely read the teleprompter, and as much as people disapprove of him, nobody wants Harris, and so they’d much rather stick with Biden floundering around than actually turn the wheels of power over to somebody that clearly is in over her head.”

DeSantis is correct.

Kamala Harris is just as politically toxic as Joe Biden for Democrats.

Her public appearances are filled with non-stop gaffes, blunders, annoying chuckles, and embarrassing failures.

Joe Biden may be a disaster for Democrats.

But as Ron DeSantis pointed out, Kamala Harris would not be much of an improvement.

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