Ron DeSantis’ wife seethed with rage over what Joe Biden did to these children

Jul 8, 2022

Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis is not happy.

Joe Biden’s failures turned deadly.

And Ron DeSantis’ wife seethed with rage over what Joe Biden did to these children.

Joe Biden’s border crisis is leading to a rise in opioid overdoses as open borders give cartels free rein to smuggle their deadly drugs into America.

Governor DeSantis stepped up and took action where Joe Biden failed.

Under a new law, which DeSantis signed and takes effect in October, prosecutors only must show fentanyl played a substantial role in individuals death in order to seek First Degree Murder charges against drug dealers.

Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis explained that too many children thought opioids were harmless and took them as recreational drugs.

“When we talk about fentanyl, we need to let these kids understand that when they think they’re taking something, quote, ‘safe’ . . . but it’s being laced with fentanyl, it’s fatal,” Casey DeSantis explained. “We have to make sure that these kids see that firsthand by producing really compelling videos and delivering it right to their mobile devices where they’re watching.”

First Lady DeSantis hosted a roundtable in Gadsden County where 19 people overdosed on fentanyl over the Fourth of July weekend.

The county’s Democrat sheriff joined Casey DeSantis.

“For Gadsden County to have that number in such a short span, we were afraid that we’d wake up in a week’s time and have 30 to 40, 50 people dead,” County Sheriff Morris Young said at the event. “That’s a lot of folks for Gadsden County.”

“We have a pyramid, we know a lot of the players who are responsible for spreading this poison, and we are going after them,” Sheriff Young added.

Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said the state now equipped law enforcement with naloxone, which can save the lives of someone overdosing from fentanyl as well as any first responder exposed to opioids.

“Me, for example, I’m not taking any medication, so if I were exposed to something like that, even accidentally — it’s terrifying to think of — but I could die,” Dr. Ladapo stated. “It’s one of the reasons why the naloxone distribution and getting the naloxone out to first responders and also areas that are just high risk is important and valuable.”

Deadly fentanyl-laced opioids travel to the United States from Mexico, but they originate in Communist China.

Joe Biden’s open borders agenda is not only a deadly threat to the American people, but it is a national security issue.

But Biden’s failure means Governors need to step up.

And Ron DeSantis is one who is.

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