Ron DeSantis won a court fight against Joe Biden that will leave you speechless

May 9, 2022

Joe Biden continues to push the boundaries of lawlessness.

At least one Republican Governor is fed up.

And Ron DeSantis won a court fight against Joe Biden that will leave you speechless.

Joe Biden’s pulled every lever possible to open the border and facilitate an invasion of illegal aliens.

Biden ended border wall construction and tried to revoke the Remain in Mexico Protocols that ended Obama and Biden’s dangerous “catch and release” policy.

But Biden reversing the Trump-era policies that secured the border came with a cost.

And the state of Florida under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership sued over the Biden administration’s policy of releasing illegal aliens into the country.

Federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell – a President Trump appointee – ruled the lawsuit could go forward.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody argued that Biden did not have unlimited discretion on how to enforce immigration law.

“Congress has not given immigration officials unbounded discretion regarding the detention of arriving aliens,” the state’s lawyers wrote in a March court document. “It has instead expressly commanded those officials to detain arriving aliens.”

Judge Wetherell ruled that Joe Biden did not have the authority to just ignore federal immigration law.

“Suffice it to say the court is wholly unpersuaded by defendants’ position that they have unfettered discretion to determine how (or if) to comply with the immigration statutes and that there is nothing that Florida or this court can do about their policies even if they contravene the immigration statutes,” Judge Wetherell wrote.

Judge Wetherell slammed Biden for acting in a lawless manner.

“This position is as remarkable as it is wrong because it is well established that no one, not even the president, is above the law and the court unquestionably has the authority to say what the law is and to invalidate action of the executive branch that contravenes the law and/or the Constitution. Thus, if Florida’s allegations that defendants are essentially flaunting the immigration laws are proven to be true, the court most certainly can (and will) do something about it,” Judge Wetherell ruled.

The Biden administration argued that the state of Florida lacked standing to sue over the federal government’s immigration policy.

Judge Wetherell rejected that argument, ruling that the administration dumping illegal aliens in states like Florida impacted the state’s finances in a variety of matters.

“Florida has plausibly alleged that the challenged policies already have and will continue to cost it millions of dollars, including the cost of incarcerating criminal aliens and the cost of providing a variety of public benefits, including unemployment benefits, free public education and emergency services to aliens who settle in Florida after being ‘paroled’ into the country,” Judge Wetherell added.

Biden opening up the border for millions of illegal aliens to invade the country is one of the great scandals of Biden’s administration.

And now the courts are finally stepping in and slapping down Biden’s rogue behavior.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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