Sean Hannity uttered four words to Ron DeSantis that had all hell breaking loose

Jan 10, 2024

Sean Hannity is one of the most popular personalities in conservative media.

He came to a fork in the road for his life and career.

And Sean Hannity uttered four words to Ron DeSantis that had all hell breaking loose.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has turned the Sunshine State into the place to be, after it became an oasis of freedom during the pandemic.

Florida is one of the nation’s fastest-growing states by population, and is a top destination for residents moving from one state to another.

Much of this growth is driven by an exodus of residents from blue states, who are voting with their feet, to relocate to Florida for more freedom and opportunities.

Fox News host Sean Hannity, a native New Yorker, announced that he had moved to the “free state of Florida” on his radio show.

“If anybody is listening to this program for any length of time, been threatening now to do this for quite a while, but we are now beginning our first broadcast of my new home, and that is in the free state of Florida,” Hannity said. “I am out. I am done. I’m finished. New York, New York, goodbye. Florida, Florida, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But it’s great to be here.”

Hannity pointed to Florida Republicans, like DeSantis, as a reason he made the move.

“And finally, for the first time that I can think of in my adult life, I actually have representatives in the state that I’m living in that share my values. I have a governor by the name of Ron DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio, and Senator Rick Scott. So, I’m feeling a lot better about it,” Hannity said.

Hannity had lived on Long Island, New York and did his afternoon radio show and nightly Fox News show out of New York City.

He said that he did not want to get into the whys and how of leaving New York but pointed out that many people had fled blue states because of their failed Democrat policies.

“And I’m not going to go through the whys, the how comes, because it’s obvious this migration out of the blue states with high taxes, burdensome regulation, high crime, horrible school districts is real,” Hannity continued. “And if anything, I’m probably late and behind the curve, and many others have made the move beforehand.”

New York has had one of the highest population losses of any state since the pandemic began.

Sean Hannity becomes the latest in a long line of New Yorkers to pack up and leave for a better life in Florida.

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