Sebastian Gorka just called for DeSantis to be investigated for the most outrageous reason

Aug 14, 2023

Virtually every DeSantis supporter will call out the Biden Justice Department’s politically-motivated prosecution of Donald Trump for the sham that it is.

But don’t expect Trump or his supporters to extend the same courtesy to Trump’s rivals.

And Sebastian Gorka just called for DeSantis to be investigated for the most outrageous reason.

Prosecutors have a duty to uphold the law and put criminals behind bars.

But leftist billionaire George Soros has bankrolled the campaigns of prosecutors across the country that will let criminals walk free.

This has led to complete lawlessness in the jurisdictions these prosecutors represent.

It got so bad that even the left-wing bastion San Francisco voted to recall Soros-backed prosecutor Chesa Boudin by a 10-point margin.

One prosecutor who was pushed into office by Soros’ billions was Orlando prosecutor Monique Worrell.

DeSantis recently suspended Worrell, citing that she would avoid mandatory minimum sentences for gun and drug trafficking crimes; allowed juveniles to avoid serious charges or incarceration; found ways to avoid seeking more serious sentences when they were available; limited charges for child pornography; and inappropriately allowed some offenders to avoid having a criminal conviction on their records.”

While prosecutors are allowed a certain degree of discretion, they can’t be allowed to completely ignore laws passed by the legislature and allow dangerous people to avoid jail.

Worrell was refusing to do her job and DeSantis was well within his authority to suspend her under the Florida Constitution.

But Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump administration official and media personality, tweeted that DeSantis should be “investigated” for suspending this prosecutor who was refusing to do her job.

Gorka is so unhinged in his opposition to DeSantis that he is siding with the radical Left.

It is hard to imagine that a supposed “conservative” would have an issue with DeSantis using his authority as Governor to remove an official that is endangering the people of his state by giving violent criminals a free pass.

It shouldn’t be a tough decision for conservatives on who to side with in a fight between the most conservative Governor in America and George Soros, but apparently for Gorka it is.

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