Snoop Dogg would be jealous over what police discovered in this one Florida’s man pickup truck

Jun 25, 2024

Police officers make routine traffic stops all the time.

They usually pull over someone for speeding, reckless driving, following too close, having a taillight out, or some other type of minor traffic violation.

But Snoop Dogg would be jealous over what police discovered in this one Florida’s man pickup truck

In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

A number of other states have since followed their lead.

Today, cannabis is legal for recreational use in 24 states plus the District of Columbia.

Although recreational use is prohibited, 14 states have laws on the books that allow cannabis for medical use.

Florida is one of the 14 states that have legalized cannabis for medical use.

To get a medical marijuana card, Florida residents must schedule an appointment with a licensed doctor who can write them a prescription to purchase cannabis from an in-state dispensary.

Although Florida only currently allows medical use, cannabis for recreational use is on the ballot there this fall.

The recreational cannabis referendum must be supported by at least 60% of voters to pass.

But cannabis is still illegal to possess and sell in Florida without a medical prescription.

And the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office made a recent routine traffic stop that turned up enough cannabis to last Snoop Dogg for the rest of his life.

During a routine traffic stop, a K-9 Deputy assigned to Rapides Area Drug Enforcement detected an odor around the truck that he recognized as marijuana.

The officer asked the driver of the pickup truck, 31-year-old John Michael Grezik, to exit the vehicle for further investigation.

“Upon what was initiated as a routine traffic stop on June 13th, a K-9 Deputy currently assigned to Rapides Area Drug Enforcement detected what he knew to be the odor of marijuana coming from in or around the truck,” KTBS reported. “After a brief interview, the deputy had John Michael Grezik, 31 of Florida, exit the vehicle and deployed ‘Beny’, his drug detection K-9, for an open air sniff around the truck.”

After the drug dog gave a positive alert, the officer gained consent to lift the bed cover on the truck where he discovered six large black trash bags.

They were stuffed with a whopping 150 pounds of high-grade cannabis in vacuum sealed bags.

According to the police, this is nearly $700,000 worth of cannabis.

Grezik was arrested and charged with following too close, open container, and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. 

He was released on June 15 on a $150,200 bond.

Based on Florida’s mandatory minimum laws, Grezik should expect to receive a three year sentence to prison for simply possessing a natural flower.

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