Speaker Mike Johnson was stunned when Florida asked him for power to stop a criminal Joe Biden policy

Nov 17, 2023

New House Speaker Mike Johnson is in the hot seat.

States are demanding that he help them tackle one growing problem.

And Mike Johnson was stunned when a Florida official asked him for power to stop this criminal Joe Biden practice.

President Joe Biden is refusing to do his job and enforce the country’s immigration law, so states are trying to step up.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and 25 other Republican state Attorney Generals sent a letter to new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) asking Congress to pass a law giving states the ability to enforce immigration law if the federal government won’t do it.

“More than 280 people on the terrorist watchlist have been caught illegally crossing. While that number sounds high, it is likely low in comparison to those who have evaded capture,” Moody wrote. “Congress must pass the Immigration Enforcement Partnership Act and allow states to do the job Biden refuses to do—as the terror threat continues to grow—secure the border and protect Americans.”

States are currently unable to enforce immigration laws because it’s strictly a federal matter under the law.

The Florida Attorney General’s office pointed out that more than seven million illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden entered the White House, more than the population of 34 states.

The Immigration Enforcement Partnership Act was introduced into Congress earlier this year but no action has been taken on the bill.

Moody, an ally of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, worked with Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) on the bill during the last two sessions of Congress.

The Florida Attorney General said that Congress needs to act quickly on the bill.

“Had Congress acted sooner, the U.S. might not be setting yet another record for CBP encounters at the border,” Moody wrote. “We will never know, but if we take action now to give states the authority to do the job Biden and Mayorkas refuse to do, we could prevent another record next year.”

States have been forced to take action to do the job the federal government, under Biden, won’t do.

Florida has been one of the national leaders under DeSantis for state-led action to control illegal immigration.

The Florida Governor signed into law the country’s toughest anti-illegal immigration bill earlier this year that required that employers in the state use E-Verify to verify employee citizenship status, increased penalties on human trafficking, and allocated funding for transporting illegal aliens to sanctuary cities and states.

The Immigration Enforcement Partnership Act can’t get through a Democrat-controlled Senate this year.

But a successful election for the GOP in 2024 could see states gain new powers to combat illegal immigration.

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