The Babylon Bee just wrote a hilarious story about this shocking incident at DeSantis’ inauguration

Jan 6, 2023

The Babylon Bee’s satirical news site ends up reporting more actual news than the so-called “real” news sources.

In fact, The Bee is becoming more of a fortune telling site than a satire site.

And The Babylon Bee just wrote a hilarious story about this shocking incident at DeSantis’ inauguration.

They have a following in the tens of millions.

Their writing is funny and piercing.

And they end up being right more than the actual press.

They are The Babylon Bee.

And though they have become one of the world’s premiere satire sites, they are often more correct in their reporting than most of the mainstream corporate-controlled media.

There have been dozens of pieces put out by The Bee as satire that ended up becoming actual news stories.

And a recent headline in The Bee was so pointed and hilarious, it could’ve been true.

Recently, The Bee ran a story titled, “Loudly Booing Man Escorted Away From Ron DeSantis’s Inauguration.”

What made it even funnier is that in today’s world it could very well be true.

The article started with what appeared to be straight reporting of DeSantis’ inauguration, “This week, Ron DeSantis was inaugurated to serve another 4-year term as Florida’s 46th Governor following his overwhelming reelection last November. During the proceedings, an obnoxious heckler began booing and shouting, forcing security to escort him out of the audience.”

But then The Bee went further, “‘Look at Little Ronnie, just sitting there squinting – his fingers aren’t even in a dominant power steeple like a real leader!’ Video footage of the inauguration depicts confused crowd members turning around to identify the source of boos and anti-DeSantis chants, incredulous to find them coming from an elderly orange gentleman in the middle of the crowd.”

The last bit was of course an obvious reference to Donald Trump, who opponents have called the ‘Orange Man.’

Of course, in reality, Donald Trump was not at the inauguration heckling his supposed 2024 GOP rival.

But what makes this article so funny is Donald Trump has made some public statements bashing DeSantis, and many of Trump’s top supporters have taken to attacking DeSantis on a regular basis.

The article continued, “Several exclamations of ‘De-throne De-Sanctimonious!’ punctuated the otherwise stirring celebration, with the Governor seeming unperturbed even as shouts about ‘stolen 2020 election’ and ‘NFT trading cards’ grew more frequent and disruptive during his rousing victory speech.”

The Bee then goes on to say peace was only restored to the inauguration “when security intervened to remove the source of the disturbance, escorting him to the gate, with ‘No-Class-Santis’ and other inaudible insults still being shouted by the agitated man.”

While this story is pure satire, it is also maybe hits too close to home for some.

Some prominent Trump supporters including the likes of Mike Lindell, Roger Stone, and others have lifted up the “Dump DeSantis” banner recently.

It’s too early to see if this particular story ends up coming true, but given the rise in DeSantis support it would not be shocking if it did.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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