The Fake News Media admitted one thing about Ron DeSantis every Democrat will hate

Jun 2, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis terrifies the Left.

There is good reason for that.

And now the Fake News Media admitted one thing about DeSantis every Democrat will hate.

Despite the corporate-controlled media and woke corporations’ best efforts to smear Governor DeSantis, DeSantis keeps racking up wins.

Over the course of the last year, Governor DeSantis signed bills to ban teachers from grooming children into the transgender lifestyle, taking away Disney’s special privileges, cracking down on Big Tech censorship, allowing law enforcement greater ability to prevent left-wing rioters from taking over the streets and redrawing the Florida Congressional District map to prevent Democrats from gaming the redistricting process.

Despite the Fake News Media relentlessly attacking all of these bills, DeSantis’ approval ratings are higher than even President Trump’s in the state of Florida.

Republicans in the state legislature cheered the victories and promised there was more to come.

“We’re already going full-throttle and we’re not slowing down,” Republican state Rep. Randy Fine told NBC News.

Unlike Democrats in Washington, D.C. who can’t unify around an increasingly toxic agenda, Florida Republicans under DeSantis’ leadership rallied around a popular set of policies.

“We haven’t fought about a lot, because we all genuinely agree,” Fine added. “There’s this misconception that the Governor has sort of beaten us into submission. I think that it’s not true. We are a very conservative Legislature.”

State Sen. Dennis Baxley – who sponsored the Parental Rights in Education bill – also praised DeSantis.

“We have the best Governor in the country, as far as I’m concerned,” Braxley told NBC. “And his ability to make judgments and decisions that are very much based on sound guidance. And we’ve responded to that, we’ve responded gratefully to it.”

The only area of disagreement between DeSantis and the legislature came over the Congressional map.

Initially, Republicans drew a map that was too favorable to Democrats.

DeSantis held out for a fair map and won the day.

“I thought he had good arguments for his map,” Braxley said of the redistricting fight. “And we did the map we thought was best and he had a different view on how to do this whole thing.”

Ron DeSantis is a rising star in the Republican Party not just because he fights the Democrats and the corporate-controlled media.

Governor DeSantis is a rising star because he wins these fights.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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