The Fake News Media is telling this huge lie about Ron DeSantis that will make your blood boil

Jul 13, 2022

Conservatives expected this would happen.

But no one thought the shift would happen so fast.

And now the Fake News Media is telling this huge lie about Ron DeSantis that will make your blood boil.

Every Republican nominee is always the most racist, extreme, and dangerous Republican in history – according to the Fake News Media, that is.

The corporate-controlled media painted Mitt Romney and John McCain as radical racists and extremists long before Donald Trump ever came on the scene.

And conservatives predicted that once Trump left office, the media would then frame whoever was next in line as even more radical and dangerous than Trump.

In a piece entitled “Ron DeSantis Would Kill Democracy Slowly and Methodically. Whether he’s as bad as Trump isn’t the question” New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait proved those forecasts correct.

Chait claimed DeSantis was even more of a threat to end American democracy than Trump because DeSantis won the support of the Trump base plus the institutional Republicans who refused to back Trump.

“What’s just as important as DeSantis’s longstanding suspicion of democracy and string of thuggish Orbanist maneuvers is his calculation that he can co-opt these same radical forces. The path to reconstituting the GOP as a party that we can entrust with the Republic involves shoving out at least some of its extremists while bringing the Never Trump wing back into the fold. DeSantis’s strategy is just the opposite. He has ignored the slice of Republicans who disdain Trump’s authoritarianism and courted anti-vaxxers, QAnon believers, and insurrectionists. And he has demonstrated repeatedly a ‘no enemies to the right’ strategy that inevitably binds him to the party’s most fanatical elements,” Chait wrote.

DeSantis’ supposed “attacks on democracy” included a task force to ensure that all Floridians have faith their elections are fair, banning dangerous ballot drop boxes, and working to cleanse public school curriculum of woke brainwashing.

Chait compared DeSantis to one of the Left’s favorite bogeymen – Hungarian President Viktor Orban – in falsely claiming that DeSantis would slowly end democracy in America.

“Whether a President DeSantis would be more or less dangerous than Trump is not a question I can answer with any confidence. Trump poses a greater danger of triggering an immediate constitutional crisis, while DeSantis is more likely to methodically strangle democracy through a series of illiberal Orbanist steps like he has modeled in Florida. I suppose the threat of a quick death is more dire than the threat of a slow one, but I have little confidence in projecting out these comparative dangers. The only meaningful conclusion I can make about the choice of Trump versus DeSantis is ‘neither,’” Chait concluded.

The fact that one of the chief propagandists in the Fake News Media is writing smear pieces about a potential President Ron DeSantis when DeSantis hasn’t even declared his candidacy for President shows just how much Democrats fear DeSantis on the national stage.

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