The Fake News Media melted down because Ron DeSantis did one important thing

Oct 18, 2022

The Fake News Media is always out to destroy any Republican they consider a threat.

And there is no bigger threat to the Left right now than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Now the Fake News Media melted down because Ron DeSantis did one important thing.

POLITICO’s left-wing activist Michael Kruse authored a lengthy hit piece attacking Ron DeSantis for achieving too many conservative victories.

Kruse claimed that because DeSantis won so much he posed a threat to American democracy.

In the piece, Kruse quoted a number of DeSantis haters including Hillsborough County District Attorney Andrew Warren who DeSantis removed from job over the fact that Warren refused to enforce the state’s anti-rioting law as well as Warren’s announcement that he would also not enforce laws banning abortion or transgender surgeries for minors.

Warren claimed DeSantis demanding government officials follow the rule of law was actually an attack on democracy.

Kruse wrote:

“This poses a unique threat to democracy,” Warren told me last week when we met in his South Tampa home. He’s suing DeSantis in federal court in Tallahassee to get his job back — more importantly, though, he insists, to push back against the frightening precedent he believes his dismissal would set. “It poses an existential threat to elections,” Warren said, “if this is allowed to stand.”

Kruse then quoted a Democrat donor and Never-Trump RINO to drive home the point that DeSantis racking up wins on taking on woke corporations, banning vaccine mandates, and protecting school children from Critical Race Theory and teachers trying to groom them into transgenderism was actually DeSantis sowing the seeds of his own eventual defeat.

Kruse wrote:

When every time you swing the bat you hit a home run, you become so caught up and sold on your own abilities that you just keep swinging and never think you’re going to miss,” said John Morgan, the Florida-based mega-attorney and mainly Democratic donor who has been at times nonetheless pro-DeSantis. “It’s emblematic of a view of, ‘I’m like a king, I can do whatever I want, and I’m so popular that nothing’s going to happen to me,’” the former adviser explained. “He has to resist becoming the protagonist in his own Greek tragedy,” said Mac Stipanovich, the one-time Republican operative and political fixture in Tallahassee who, due to Trump, quit the GOP and registered as a Democrat. “Ron DeSantis’ greatest foe right now isn’t Charlie Crist or Donald Trump,” he told me. “It’s hubris.”

To the Fake News Media, everything a Republican does is grounds for criticism.

DeSantis advanced a conservative agenda in Florida, so he is clearly a dictator in embryo building resentment across the population that will result in his eventual defeat.

The only problem with this narrative is that polls show DeSantis leading his Democrat opponent by double digits and on pace for the biggest re-election by a Florida Governor in a generation.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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