The Fake News Media melted down when Ron DeSantis exposed this Democrat voter fraud scheme

Aug 24, 2022

Left-wing media reporters constantly claim there is no voter fraud in America.

But Ron DeSantis proved the wrong.

And the Fake News Media melted down when Ron DeSantis exposed this Democrat voter fraud scheme.

Last year, Ron DeSantis signed legislation creating the Office of Election Crimes and Security to protect election integrity.

DeSantis announced the office’s “opening salvo” in prosecuting voter fraud was 20 indictments of illegal voting in heavily Democrat counties of Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach.

The Governor announced the 20 defendants allegedly voted illegally despite the fact that the 2018 ballot measure that restored voting rights for felons excluded those convicted of murder or sexual assault.

Governor DeSantis said all 20 charged with illegal voting were convicted of murder or sexual assault.

A Washington Post editorial whined about the charges, claiming DeSantis announcing the arrest of 20 individuals who allegedly voted illegally would “suppress” the vote.

The Washington Post editorial board wrote:

Mr. DeSantis plainly wants to make inroads with Donald Trump’s supporters, who have bought into the former president’s lies about the 2020 presidential election. How many of these 20 defendants understood they were breaking the law? Perhaps they mistakenly believed that the 2018 ballot measure permitted them to register.

More significant is the chilling effect this will have on formerly incarcerated people who legitimately have the right to vote but may now be afraid to take the risk they’ll get charged on technicalities or because of unpaid debt they don’t know about.

Conservatives understood that to be exactly the point.

The goal should be 100 percent suppression of any illegal or fraudulent voting.

Every single illegal vote disenfranchises a legal vote.

That means even one illegal or fraudulent vote is one too many.

The Washington Post complaining that DeSantis protecting the integrity of elections will have a “chilling” effect on other potential illegal voters casting ballots is telling on themselves.

Democrats do not care about election integrity or making sure every voter is who they say they are.

The Left wants a wild west free-for-all with rampant vote-by-mail and no voter ID – which Democrats claim is racist.

Ron DeSantis turned Florida into a solid red state by implementing a successful conservative agenda.

And defending the sanctity of the vote is a key pillar in supporting DeSantis’ popularity with the voters.

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