The fake news media tried to destroy Ron DeSantis with this disgusting hit piece

Jul 29, 2022

The fake news media clearly sees Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a major threat.

So-called reporters cannot stop lying about him.

And now the fake news media tried to destroy Ron DeSantis with this disgusting hit piece.

When Donald Trump was president the fake news media and the Deep State tried to punish anyone who worked for Trump with smear pieces in the press and criminal investigations.

The Left is trying to resurrect that playbook with Governor DeSantis.

That’s why fake news reporter Paul Farhi from the Washington Post wrote a hit piece about Governor DeSantis’ highly effective press secretary Christina Pushaw.

What enraged the left was Pushaw attacking anyone that opposed the Parental Bill of Rights as a groomer.

The bill banned teachers from sexualizing children in grades K to 3 with inappropriate lessons and Pushaw correctly reasoned that the only people that would support talking to kids about their sexuality are groomers.

Farhi whined that Pushaw refused to roll over and play dead for the left’s attacks.

“In the 14 months since joining DeSantis’s staff, she has transformed the typically buttoned-down role of gubernatorial press secretary into something like a running public brawl — with Twitter as her blunt-force weapon. Her usual targets: Democrats, the news media and anyone else she deems insufficiently supportive of DeSantis’s agenda and her own conservative politics,” Farhi whined.

What especially ticked Farhi off was the fact that Pushaw attacked fake news outlets and reporters by pointing out their lies and liberal biases.

“Pushaw’s attacks on national news organizations and reporters can not only be blistering (‘slobbering regime sycophants’), but they can also run on for hundreds of tweets and retweets — once prompting Twitter to suspend her account temporarily for ‘abusive’ behavior,” Farhi added. “She has also been credited — or blamed — for helping make the incendiary term ‘groomer’ mainstream in GOP circles. In early March, she used the word, once reserved to describe pedophile behavior, to characterize anyone who opposed a DeSantis-favored bill restricting discussions of sexual orientation and gender in schools.”

True to form Pushaw responded by mocking Farhi calling him a creep in reference to the fact that Farhi reportedly tried to investigate the men Pushaw dated as part of his so-called “reporting.”

“Washington Post’s Creepiest Reporter, Paul Farhi: ‘I just spent months writing a profile about how mad I am that I can’t bully a woman,’”Pushaw wrote on Twitter.

Ron DeSantis and Christina Pushaw learned during the Trump years that the fake news media is an illegitimate institution filled with liars and political hacks that all work on behalf of the Democrat Party.

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