The latest economic data out of Florida shows why Ron DeSantis is considered a top contender in 2024

Jul 25, 2022

Ron DeSantis turned the Sunshine State into an “oasis of freedom” during the pandemic.

Floridians are reaping the benefits of DeSantis’ pro-freedom policies.

And the latest economic data out of Florida shows why Ron DeSantis is considered a top contender in 2024.

Ron DeSantis rose to rock star status among Republican voters nationwide for keeping Florida free and open for business during the pandemic.

DeSantis refused to enforce economy-crushing lockdowns and banned masks and vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State.

This led to vicious attacks against DeSantis from Democrats and the corporate-controlled press for his refusal to go along with Biden and Fauci’s orders.

The Fake News Media even accused Ron DeSantis of intentionally trying to murder Floridians for not locking down the state and forcing everyone to mask up and get vaccinated.

However, now that the pandemic is over, data continues to show DeSantis made the right decision by keeping Florida’s schools and businesses open.

On Friday, Ron DeSantis announced that Florida’s June 2022 data shows that Florida’s unemployment rate dropped to 2.8 percent, despite national economic conditions.

“Florida’s statewide unemployment rate has declined or held steady for 23 consecutive months through June 2022,” read a press release from the Governor’s office. “The national unemployment rate remains unchanged over the month at 3.6 percent, 0.8 percent higher than Florida’s rate.”

The labor force in Florida also increased by 40,000 over the month, while the national labor force declined by .2 percent.

Florida’s labor force grew by 293,000 over the year, outpacing the national rate of 1.8 percent by 1.0 percentage point.

DeSantis pointed out how despite Joe Biden’s failures, Florida continues to thrive.

“Despite Biden administration policies that have produced record inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and slowing national GDP, Florida continues to outpace the nation with strong job growth and an increasing labor force,” DeSantis said.

“Florida’s unemployment rate has remained lower than the nation for 19 consecutive months and is now close to a full percentage point lower than the nation as a whole,” DeSantis continued, before adding that “June’s data demonstrates once again that our freedom-first approach is working for Floridians.”

There are also numerous jobs available for Floridians, with more than 603,000 job listings currently posted online.

Florida’s economic growth is bad news for Democrats.

Polls consistently show inflation and high gas prices are the top issues facing voters this fall.

But thanks to Ron DeSantis’ leadership, Floridians will be able to weather the economic storm caused by Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

And that is one reason Ron DeSantis is considered a top contender for the GOP nomination in 2024.

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