The Left is furious after Ron DeSantis rejected Joe Biden’s one State of the Union request

Mar 2, 2022

Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

Biden asked Governors across the country for assistance.

And the Left is furious after Ron DeSantis rejected Joe Biden’s one State of the Union request.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden and the Democrats despise Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They hate the fact that Ron DeSantis refused to bow down and follow Anthony Fauci’s COVID rules and regulations, including keeping Florida’s business and schools open while banning mask and vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State.

Because DeSantis refused to follow Fauci’s demands, the Biden administration is determined to inflict political damage on him, even if it means harming innocent citizens.

Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) previously revoked the emergency use authorization for monoclonal antibodies as a form of “punishment” against Ron DeSantis.

Not only that, but Joe Biden’s pawns at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) rejected Ron DeSantis’ request for emergency assistance after a tornado inflicted significant damage on two counties in Florida.

These two examples clearly show that Joe Biden’s hatred of Ron DeSantis runs so deep that he’s willing to harm innocent Americans if he believes it will damage DeSantis politically.

As Ron DeSantis noted during his recent speech at CPAC, Joe Biden apparently hates him and the state of Florida because they “stand up to him.”

But Ron DeSantis just turned the tables on Joe Biden after he requested individual states to send their National Guard to Washington, D.C. to provide security during the State of the Union Address.

“Last week, the Biden Administration requested the assistance of State National Guards to deploy to Washington D.C. I have rejected this request — there will be no @FLGuard sent to D.C. for Biden’s State of the Union,” DeSantis tweeted out on Monday.

This means that the Florida National Guard will not agree to the request from the Washington, D.C. Emergency Management Agency to provide traffic control and enhanced security ahead of President Joe Biden’s speech.

Joe Biden’s speech is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. Eastern.

And with polls showing Americans are fed up with COVID tyranny and want a return to normalcy, the Democrat-led House of Representatives lifted the long-held mask requirement ahead of the televised speech.

Of course, DeSantis’s refusal to send the National Guard to Washington, D.C. will only make the radical Left attack him even more.

But it will also make Ron DeSantis even more popular with Republican voters nationwide and only help boost his re-election efforts in November.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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