The Left will be furious over what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife admitted about Ron DeSantis

Feb 4, 2022

Ron DeSantis is known for speaking his mind and not holding back.

He hasn’t been shy about calling out Joe Biden for his unconstitutional and illegal mandates.

But the Left will be furious over what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife admitted about Ron DeSantis.

Leftist Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer recently announced he will retire this fall, giving Joe Biden an opportunity to pick up a much-needed political victory.

Biden has pledged to only nominate a black female candidate to the position.

But Democrats are looking for other ways to change the Supreme Court aside from confirming Biden’s nominee.

Even though Breyer’s retirement won’t take place until the fall, Democrats are threatening to install up to six new leftist Justices, which would give them a permanent left-wing majority on the Court.

Democrats are desperate because the Court – which currently has a conservative majority – is facing major cases on the Second Amendment, affirmative action, and abortion.

Since Justice Clarence Thomas is by far the most conservative member of the Supreme Court, some Democrats are pushing a bill to force Thomas to recuse himself from cases where his wife, Ginni, supported and pushed for the opposite side of the status quo.

Ginni Thomas has been an active member of the conservative movement for years.

But in an attempt to dig up dirt on Ginni Thomas, the Left discovered something about Ron DeSantis and Clarence Thomas that made them furious.

“Emails handed over to American Oversight, a group that bills itself as a government watchdog, suggest that DeSantis is in regular contact with Justice Clarence Thomas,” POLITICO reported.

“In June 2021, Thomas’ wife, Ginni, who runs her own consulting firm, worked with the DeSantis administration to have the governor talk to a coalition of groups, including people affiliated with Judicial Watch, the conservative organization that uses information requests and lawsuits to investigate public officials,” POLITICO continued.

But what really set off the Left was the fact that in one of the emails, Ginni Thomas said DeSantis should be acquainted with her because “my husband has been in contact with him too on various things of late.”

Of course, the Left shouldn’t be shocked that DeSantis is close to Thomas.

Ron DeSantis, who attended Yale and Harvard Law School, is very outspoken about the rule of law and following the Constitution.

In 2018, DeSantis called Thomas the “gold standard for a Supreme Court appointment.”

At the 2020 Federalist Society conference in Orlando, DeSantis introduced Thomas as the “greatest living Justice.”

DeSantis has also made his opinion known about phony conservative Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh.

During an appearance last month on the “Ruthless” podcast, Ron DeSantis ripped Chief Justice John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh for allowing Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers to stand, saying the two didn’t have a “backbone.”

DeSantis was likely in contact with Clarence Thomas over legal ways for him to stop Biden’s vaccine mandate in Florida, as well as ways to stop Biden’s border crisis in the Sunshine State.

And that is one more reason why the Left hates Ron DeSantis.

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