The New Yorker accidently admitted why Ron DeSantis is the most effective conservative politician in America

Jul 1, 2022

Ron DeSantis has achieved one victory after another as Florida’s Governor and the country has taken notice.

His willingness to take on the woke ideology of the Left head on has earned him the admiration of many conservatives.

And The New Yorker accidently admitted why Ron DeSantis is the most effective conservative politician in America.

An article published by The New Yorker follows conservative activist Christopher Rufo, an ally of Ron DeSantis.

Rufo helped DeSantis pass the Stop Woke Act, the Parental Rights in Education Bill, and has helped fight back against Disney.

Rufo shared the article on Twitter, proclaiming that “Ron DeSantis is the most courageous and effective politician in America.”

The article admits that Ron DeSantis has risen to national prominence saying, “One of the things I marvel at is that, in focus groups with Trump voters all over the country, I ask, ‘Who would you want to run in 2024?’ Usually about half the group says Trump, and the other half says, ‘Eh, I don’t know. He’s a little old. Maybe some new blood—Ron DeSantis!’ And the idea that a guy in Texas or Alabama actually knows who the Governor of Florida is stunning.”

Where the article misses the mark is that it claims that many of the policies DeSantis is enacting aren’t popular.

The fact is, the modern Left has taken the culture war to places no one could even conceive of a decade ago.

For years, Republican moderates have told conservatives to give up on the culture wars.

They claimed that LGBT radicals just wanted to be left alone and allowed to marry.

Now they are demanding to teach young children LGBT propaganda in schools and expose them to highly sexualized “pride” parades and drag shows.

They want to allow men to dominate women’s sports.

And they call anyone who speaks out against this insanity a “bigot.”

Ron DeSantis has done more to fight back against this nonsense than anyone and has stood up to attacks from the fake-news media and woke corporations.

It is that willingness to stand up and fight that has made DeSantis so popular with conservatives across the country.

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