The radical Left flew off the rails when Ron DeSantis stated one simple fact about men and women

Jul 15, 2022

The Left is pushing their woke gender identity politics into every aspect of American society.

They trash and smear anyone who refuses to go along with their absurd views.

That’s why the radical Left flew off the rails when Ron DeSantis stated one simple fact about men and women.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is no fan of the Left’s woke ideology.

Over the past year, he’s fought hard to rid the Sunshine State of wokeism.

Last year, DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting biological males from participating in women’s sports.

And when the NCAA allowed Lia Thomas, a biological male who claims to be a woman, to compete and win the Women’s Swimming and Diving Championship, DeSantis issued a statement declaring Sarasota native Emma Weyant as the “best female swimmer” in the women’s 500-yard freestyle event.

“You have a swimmer that swims on the men’s team for three years and then, all of a sudden, says they’re gonna identify as a woman swimmer and swim against the women,” DeSantis said at the time.

“And then they give that the national championship over these women who’ve been training for a long time,” he added.

DeSantis also signed the Stop WOKE Act, which removes Marxist-based Critical Race Theory from Florida’s curriculum.

During a press conference on Thursday in Putnam County, Florida, Ron DeSantis once again took issue with the Left’s woke ideology.

Earlier this week, a viral video emerged from a heated exchange between Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Berkeley Law professor Khiara Bridges during a Senate hearing.

Bridges accused Hawley of inciting violence against the transgendered community when he refused to agree that men can get pregnant.

DeSantis ripped the Left and pointed out the absurdity of their radical gender ideology, particularly their claim that men can get pregnant.

“Some of the people in Washington, like, can we actually agree that women get pregnant and not men?” DeSantis said. “Because they don’t seem to say that,” he continued, before adding “it’s just unbelievable, some of the stuff that you’re hearing about that.”

The national debate over abortion that emerged when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade led to a secondary fight in the culture war when many on the Left decided to ditch phrases such as “pregnant mothers” in order to be more “inclusive” to nonbinary people and transgender men.

The Left’s woke ideology is too extreme for the average American voter.

It’s one of the main reasons why so many Hispanics are shifting to the Republican Party.

And more Hispanics voting Republican will help DeSantis achieve his goal of turning Florida into a solid Red state in November.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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